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In this article, we will consider how you can learn programming while playing games. Games for programmers are an opportunity to spend leisure time with benefits. Development of programs and software is a complex of activities aimed at creating various applications and software through writing source code. This is an occupation that a programmer is engaged in.

The programming profession is one of the highest paid in the world. And, besides, it can be started already at the age of 15-16, even before graduating from university. And for those who want to learn new technologies, special games aimed at future programmers have been created. With their help, you can acquire the basic skills and abilities necessary for further development in the IT field.

The game format of learning

Gamification has become a popular trend in the field of education. The use of a game format helps children better perceive information and makes them more interested in the learning process. Therefore, games for beginner programmers are developed for different age groups and knowledge levels.

Games for programmers are different from the usual “adventure” or strategy games. Usually, the hero is controlled not directly, but through commands and instructions. Games can help you learn various programming languages like Java Script, Python, Ruby, C#, etc. easily.

Games for programmers. The list of the best includes:


This is an adventure that allows you to learn and improve your skills in JavaScript. The main goal is to guide Dr. Eval to freedom. You need to modify the source code to achieve your goal. The game consists of several levels where you have to remove walls, create new exits, and more.


This interesting game is intended for junior programmers. You control the robot to turn on the light bulbs on the 3D platform. Difficulty increases with each level. To complete the game, you need not only to write loops but also to do it with a minimum number of actions.

Code Combat:

This is a game created by a group of people from different countries thanks to open source. The main goal of the game is to complete tasks and develop the main character using programming languages. You can choose from two languages: JavaScript and Python. It is possible to pass both individually and as a team. The gradual increase in difficulty from level one to level 80 will help improve all your skills.


A popular game that allows you to create combat robot tanks. To do this, you need to write a code to direct the tank to perform various tasks. This platform is designed to improve your skills in the following programming languages: Java, Scala, and C#. Robokode is an open-source development environment, so anyone can show off their coding skills.

Check OI:

This game is designed to improve your Python or JavaScript skills. It has an international audience of users who compete for the best solutions. Check OI is intended for those who know the basics of programming. It consists of various tasks that start with easy ones and end with complex ones.

Games for programmers are just one of the methods to interest a child and help him learn the main aspects of the IT profession. If the child wants to learn more about programming, there are special courses. The GoMother IT school offers education in various areas for children of all ages. Our courses will help you deepen your knowledge of JavaScript, Python, Unity, and other languages. More practical classes, a modern technological base, and teachers with extensive experience – all this will contribute to the successful mastering of the profession of a programmer by your child.

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