The third level is JavaScript.
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Online JavaScript programming courses are a course on text programming.

JavaScript online programming courses are based on the study of high-level language, which gives almost unlimited possibilities of its use. We chose this programming language because it allows you to get the result of each lesson and contains the basic concepts and principles of programming and algorithms. This language is high-level, so is relatively easy to learn for children. JavaScript is a programming language that makes a web resource «alive». It is rightly considered one of the most common systems of automatic coding. Due to the capabilities of the digital code, even the most inconspicuous portal will look interesting.

JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages, and frontend development is considered one of the easiest ways to start a career in IT. So talk about the advisability of studying JavaScript, the perspective is not even necessary. It is worth learning JavaScript now, then there is a chance to get a profession and a high-paying job in the future.

JavaScript Online Programming Program:

  1. Alert, console log, prompt
  2. Variables, Data Types
  3. Currency exchange, type conversion
  5. Guess the number, Math.random / round
  6. DOM / style / addeventlistener
  7. Function
  8. Canvas introduction ctx.moveTo / ctx.lineTo ()
  9. Canvas figures, rect, stroke / fill () stroke / fillStyle
  10. Canvas arc ()
  11. Cycles + canvas shapes in cycles
  12. Rain Cycle with Math.random
  13. Animation with setTimeout and setInterval
  14. Arrays
  15. Multidimensional arrays, scrolling
  16. Scrolling practice demonstration
  17. Clock
  18. Browser Events. EventTarget.addEventListener()
  19. Function / requestanimatframe / ctx.clearRect
  20. Super game with control

The result of the JavaScript online programming course:

Your child will understand the basic principles of programming. Will study the base of the language. Will be able to create your project. Get to know the functionality and basic data processing methods. Learn how to create algorithms for working with DOM. Will understand styling by different methods through JS. Learn to add audio, video, animate images. And create your own online game.

Courses are held online

For online lessons, a student-friendly program is used. We offer hangouts and discord or leave the choice to the student. So we choose a convenient time for classes based on the wishes of the student.