Python online programming course is an introduction to OOP programming languages.
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IT courses for children Python online – an introduction to programming languages with object-oriented programming.

IT courses for children programming Python online is based on the study of a high-level general purpose programming language. This language is used in game development such as World of Tanks and Battlefield, and is used for automation. This course gives understanding, reading and writing code. We chose this language because the Python kernel syntax is simple, but the library includes a large set of useful functions. This Python course allows students to get to know general and basic concepts of code writing.

Python Online Programming Course Program:

Block 1.
1. Acquaintance with Python. Function print()
2. Variables. Input() function
3. Data Types. Functions int(), float() and str()
Block 2.
4. Conditional Constructions(Part 1). if-else
5. Conditional constructions (part 2). if-elif-else
6. Cycle while
Block 3.
7. Functions
8. Built-in modules in Python.
9. Create your own modules.
Block 4.
10. String methods.
11. Lists. List functions, list operations.
12. List Methods. Converts Lists. Nested Lists.
Block 5.
13. Cycle for
14. Approaches to the establishment of lists
Block 6.
15. Algorithms in Python.
16. Handling exceptions. Try-except design
17. Working with files
Block 7.
18. Fundamentals of OOP. The concept of object and class.
19. Inherit classes in Python.
Block 8.
20. Module tkinter(part 1). Classes Button(), Label(). Events.
21. Module tkinter(part 2). Class Entry() and others
22. Create your own application using the tkinter module.
Block 9. (на выбор)
23. Introduction to the Pygame module. Creating the basic elements of the game.
24. Create character classes.
25. Adding character images.
26. Movement of the characters.
27. Game Events. Game Score.
Block 10. ( на выбор)
28. Data generation with matplotlib.
29. Data loading
30. Working with application interfaces (Web API)
Block 11. (choice)
31. Joining the Django
32. User accounts.
33. App design
34. Posting to the server.

The result of the programming course on Python online:

Your child will understand the principles of writing code, understand the basics of building any program. Can create your online game. Will take the first steps in text programming. Will understand how you can write modules and execution algorithm for PC. Learn to work with objects and lists. And create your own online game.

We offer the Python course as a separate course in programming – it is acquainted with the basic principles of writing, reading and understanding code. On the course python you get to know the language python in practice. In this course, students learn to apply the principles of object-oriented programming. At this level, students create a variety of small games.

After completing this course, we invite students to improve their level and proceed to the next stage of programming – JAVASCRIPT or UNITY with the study of the language C#. In the next course, children will not only learn to write code in I language data, but will also be able to develop the skills of compiling the finished product/project. In this direction, children will be able to create their 2D or 3D games, as well as learn to create complex animations.

Courses are held online

For online lessons, a student-friendly program is used. We offer hangouts and discord or leave the choice to the student.


  • it курси для дітей онлайн

    Students’ work is similar to minecraft)

    The game was developed together with students Sviatoslav and Timofey in the style of “Minecraft” where you can break blocks and then build something from them. The game was created in the Python programming language. One of the most popular games written in English in the world is “Guess the Number”. This game consists of guessing the number that the program “guesses”. We hope that future games of our students will become no less popular)

    Author: Святослав, Тімофій

    Age: 11

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  • онлайн курси програмування для дітей

    Web scraping script – student’s work

    This program is a web scraping script written in Python. It uses the request library to send HTTP requests to the specified URL and retrieve the content of the web page. The BeautifulSoup library is then used to parse the HTML content and extract the text from the p tags.
    Web scraping is the process of automatically extracting data from web pages. Typically, web scraping is used to extract structured information from pages that do not provide a ready-made API or other ways to access data.
    Behind this small script is a great hiding place and knowledge of our talented student Eric.

    Author: Ерік

    Source code:

    Age: 14

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  • it курси для дітей онлайн

    Homework of a student from the Python course

    Writing various scripts for processing databases is an integral part of learning in a Python course. Python is a very popular programming language that is often used for data processing due to its simplicity and rich ecosystem of libraries.
    This very project is a hospital system for the terminal, where you can:
    1. View all users
    2. Delete the user
    3. Add a user

    Source code:

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  • Курс програмування Python з нуля

    Competition entry in Python

    Alexey, our favorite student, made a New Year-themed game in the Python programming language. Independently programmed all the algorithms of the hero’s behavior. Thanks to parents for supporting their children. Alexey is a restless and very talented student, we are proud of his success and diligence. Keep it up) We offer the Python course as a separate course in programming – this is an introduction to the basic principles of writing, reading and understanding code.

    Author: Дяченко Олексій

    Age: 9

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  • Телеграм бот на пайтоне

    Telegram bot

    Anastasia created a telegram bot during the lessons which contains several interesting functions. You can test it by following the link. Here it is @RANDOM_CAT_MEME_BOT

    Author: Anastasia

    Study period: 1 year

    Age: 13

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  • Курс по пайтну для детей

    A diary

    Make your own lerning, and keep a list of the topics you’re learning about. Whenever you learn somthing new about a topic, make en entry summerizing what you’ve learned

    Author: Max Fire

    Study period: 1 year

    Age: 11

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  • Пайтон для детей

    Help Sante (Competitive work)

    Romanova Anastasia took part in the annual IT competition in the category: New Year game “Collect gifts”. The game is written using the programming language Python. The essence of the game is to collect gifts. The character is Santa Claus, who runs and must jump snowmen and other obstacles while collecting gifts.

    Author: Романова Анастасия

    Source code:

    Age: 13

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  • Курсы пайтон

    Labyrinth (Competition work)

    Python is a high-level general-purpose programming language that actively develops and focuses on improving developer performance and reading code with minimal kernel syntax. Strengths of the language: easy to learn, easy to understand, versatility, large and active community. In this language and written an interesting game – a maze )

    Author: Дяченко Алексей

    Source code:

    Study period: 6 month

    Age: 8

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  • Python

    Results of the Python course

    Arman and Kerim are trained in Python programming. The brothers study for 5 months and have already mastered the basics of coding. And were able to realize their knowledge by creating their own game.

    Author: Арман и Керим

    Study period: 5 month

    Age: 13

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