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Game Development Courses on Unity Online – the first step to GameDev

Unity Online Game Development Course (online-course) teaches you to create games from scratch using the Unity program. This platform for 2D and 3D games allows you to implement the idea. Unity 3D – allows you to develop games for various operating systems. Also on the basis of this program, children will be able to master the basics of programming in C # or JavaScript, which will give impetus to the choice of IT profession in the future. At the beginning of the online training course, no special training is required – we teach from scratch.

Program of game development course on Unity online:

  1. Interface familiarization
  2. Creating a game scene and a squeak
  3. Variables and basic functions
  4. Objects, components, conditional operations, and cycles
  5. Structure of landscape and walls
  6. Binding setting
  7. Terrain detail and lighting
  8. Adding player and enemies
  9. Click tracking
  10. Add Fire and Enemy Controller
  11. Interface
  12. Particle System and Adding Sounds

Courses of game development on Unity online – stages of training:

1st stage – create 2D game, learn interface, basics of unity, basic mechanics of movement and shooting. (6-8 lessons)
2st stage – create 2D game “3 in a row”, work with the functions of sprites and components (8-10 lessons)
3st stage – create 3D race, learn new interface functions, work with 3D models, textures, objects, landscape, learn to make menus (10-12 lessons)
4st stage – create 3D RPG, learn how to work with animation and hood-interface (6-10 lessons) depending on the complexity of the game

Game modules are written in C#

The result of the game development course on Unity Online:

Unity Game Development Courses develop the ability to develop games on the Unity platform and compose elements. Knowledge of the features of the programming language C# about JavaScript. The student will experience working out the logic of the game, programming it and creating characters. Familiarity with physics and moving characters in 3D, learn to add audio. And create your own game.
For online lessons, a student-friendly program is used. We offer hangouts and discord or leave the choice to the student. So we choose a convenient time for classes based on the wishes of the student.


  • Курсы Unity онлайн

    Jump Higher (Competitive Work)

    Latkov Maxim took part in the IT competition in the category of New Year game “Collect gifts”. Maxim embodied the game on C# on the platform Unity. The goal of the game is to collect New Year’s gifts.

    Author: Латков Максим

    Study period: 6 month

    Age: 10

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  • Курсы Unity

    Dino’s New Year (Competitive Work)

    Visyryatsky Nikita made a wonderful game for the competition in the category: New Year game “Collect gifts”. The game is made in the programming language C# on the platform Unity. The goal of the game is to control the dinosaur to collect all the gifts and jump the Christmas tree on the way.

    Author: Козыряцкий Никита

    Study period: 6 month

    Age: 11

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  • Курсы создания игр на Unity

    New Year’s game (Competitive work)

    Tkachenko Timofei made a game for the competition in the category: New Year game “Collect gifts”. The game is written in C# programming language on the Unity platform. The objective of the game is to control the character and find Santa’s assistant.

    Author: Ткаченко Тимофей

    Age: 13

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  • Курсы создания игр на Unity

    Student’s work at the first level

    Programming courses on Unity give the opportunity to create a lot of interesting games) Get to know and master the programming language C# and with it to make a lot of interesting modules.

    Author: Ян Малышев

    Study period: 3 month

    Age: 11

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  • Курсы Юнити онлайн для детей

    Student’s Job – Game 3D

    Course «Unity» – the opportunity to create your own game, to implement the brightest ideas. With 18 sessions of the course, you will have an excellent starting base and the tools to create your own game! Student engaged in online and pack his first 3D game) Learned to write modules in programming language C#

    Author: Амосов Саша

    Study period: 6 month

    Age: 11

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