What to do on summer vacation? Learn a new profession!

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Development of bots for Telegram, digital design, or website layout is not only for geeks but also for teenagers. Summer is not only a time for children to take a break from school but also an opportunity to gain new knowledge and even master a new profession in the IT field.

In this article, we would like to talk about three digital professions that teenagers can master during the summer holidays and find remote or part-time work from September 1.

Digital designer

Digital designers are involved in many different tasks, such as creating visual materials for social networks, advertisements, designing printed products (flyers, business cards, t-shirts, etc.), retouching photos, developing website designs.

Designers use various programs:

Adobe Photoshop is a powerful program for processing and editing graphic images. It is used to create, edit and optimize photos, drawings, illustrations, and other types of graphics. Photoshop has a wide range of features, including image retouching, color correction, lighting adjustments, and creating graphic effects and compositions. It is widely used by professionals in the fields of design, photography, advertising, and art, as well as people who want to create amazing graphic works on a personal level. So, having mastered Adobe Photoshop, you can create 3D objects, animation, retouch photos, and plan the design of printing products.

Blender is a powerful tool for 3D modeling, animation, and rendering. It is used for creating video games, animated films, special effects, visualization of architectural projects, and many other graphic applications. Blender is free software, which means you can use it for free, modify it, and distribute it. Thanks to its rich functionality and active user community, Blender is one of the most popular programs for 3D modeling.

During the summer holidays, your child can master the basics of using one of these editors and complete their first own projects. This is enough to create simple visual materials for social networks on demand or to retouch photos (this service is often ordered by photographers who need to quickly process a large number of images).

In addition, we teach the use of Adobe Photoshop and Blender to children aged 13 to 17 years.

Website Builder

The creation of websites includes several stages, the first of which is the layout of pages according to the design layout using HTML/CSS.

HTML is a hypertext markup language. With its help, the main elements present on the website are marked: blocks, images, lists, and others.
CSS is a page-style language. With its help, the styling of the page is set: colors, fonts, location of visual components, and more.
These are basic technologies, the basics of which a teenager can master within a few months. Website design is just the beginning of development, but web designers are often hired to perform simple tasks. After that, more experienced programmers add JavaScript code and “animate” the page, teaching it to respond to user requests.

We teach these technologies to children in HTML/CSS programming courses, so some of our students are already making simple custom websites at the age of 12-13.

Development of bots for Telegram

Bot development for Telegram is a popular business tool used for various purposes such as registering customers, getting contact details, collecting online orders, providing information to customers about company operations, sending schedules, and more.

There are several ways to create bots:

Use of constructors. This method does not require programming and allows even children at the age of 9-10 to familiarize themselves with the logic of bots and create simple algorithms. However, builders are often paid, and free versions are limited in functionality.
Programming in Python. Using Python allows you to create bots of varying complexity. Here there are no restrictions that designers have, and a teenager can write a bot with any functionality.

You can learn the basics of bot programming in Python within a few months, and after that, you can start doing freelance work.

Also, Python is an easy path in the field of data analysis and artificial intelligence. Mastering Python will allow a teenager not only to work as a bot developer but also to receive favorable job offers.

We teach children from the age of 8 to create bots. Many of our graduates started work at the age of 15-16 and are engaged in the development of bots, as well as creating other interesting projects.

If your child is interested in any of the directions listed above, he can try them for free. We offer classes at our school in Akademmistechko, Zhytomyrska, and Borshchagivka, and we also offer online training! Sign up for a free first lesson right now:

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