The second level is the markup language HTML and CSS.
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The school of programming for children offers a course HTML/CSS for children online – an introduction to text web programming

The School of Programming for Children offers programming courses that are based on the concepts of web page building based on language markup HTML and CSS stylization. The study of programming frameworks for children should begin with the most basic concepts. HTML and CSS are some of the simplest markup languages, with the help of which the “skeleton” of the future web portal is laid. The HTML language is easy for beginners to understand and so even a schoolchild can quickly understand it.

Program programming on HTML/CSS for children online

  1. Get started with HTML. Metadata in HTML
  2. Basic text editing in HTML
  3. Creating Hyperlinks.
  4. Document and website structure.
  5. Establishing HTML.
  6. Images in HTML.
  7. Video and audio content.
  8. Vector graphics and rubber graphics.
  9. What is CSS?
  10. CSS syntax
  11. Personals id / class
  12. Hover / after / befor / active
  13. Cascade and inheritance
  14. Block model
  15. CSS debugging
  16. Bloc styling
  17. Keyframes

Program of programming course on HTML/CSS for children online:

Your child will understand the principles of building any web resource. Will be able to create his page and his online game. Takes the first steps in text programming. Understand styling in a variety of ways. Learn how to build a page frame. Learn to add audio, video and animate images. And he will create his own online game.

We offer the HTML / CSS course as the second place in programming – an introduction to text CODING using HTML and CSS markup languages. At this level, students create a variety of small games, animations.

HTML is a standardized document markup language. Most web pages contain markup descriptions in HTML. The HTML language is interpreted by browsers and the resulting formatted text is displayed on the computer or mobile device monitor screen.

CSS is a formal language for describing the appearance of a document written in markup language.

Courses are held online

For online lessons, a student-friendly program is used. We offer hangouts and discord or leave the choice to the student.