Who is a web developer?

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Web programming lessons for children. Who is a web developer and how to become them?

The profession of programmer is very relevant today. The IT industry is developing very quickly, and companies in this sector are constantly in need of more and more specialists. Come to the lessons of web programming for children and talk about one of the IT-professions – web developer. Design and creation of online projects is the most popular direction among programming. Web development is not a boring process of simple typing, but a complex and interesting creative flight of ideas, which involves experts of different levels.

Web programming lessons for children
Web programming lessons for children

Who is a web developer?

Development courses for children clearly show what these professionals are doing. Web developers design and create Internet resources.

Such professionals are divided into the following categories:

  • Frontend (External Interface). Frontend developer works with the external part of the site. With the part that the user sees. The developer is responsible for adapting to mobile devices, scripts, contact forms, appearance.
  • Backend (Internal interface). Backend-development works on internal processes of online resources. Works with the server part, develops search algorithm, debugs databases and other internal issues.
  • FullStack. This developer can work and Frontend developer and develop backend. Fullstack developers appreciate a wide range of knowledge and skills.

A web developer will always find a job. We offer programming courses for teenagers to acquaint and interest young people in this fairly promising profession.

For example, a frontend developer should have the following skills:

  1. knowledge of CSS, HTML and JavaScript;
  2. the ability to work in frameworks Vue, Angular and similar;
  3. know CSS preprocessors;
  4. to be able to develop unit-tests;
  5. to know and be able to work with Grid Layout and Bootstrap;
  6. understand the HTTP protocol device;
  7. to be able to read design in Figma.

Web-developer – the right profession in the field of programming. Direction is actively developing, and professionals earn good money. To become a web programmer you need desire, diligence, knowledge and skills. Learn web development can everyone!

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