Marathon WEB (graphics + programming)

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Discover your child’s talent in web development and web design right now: register him for a 5-day marathon!

Do you want your child to develop in the field of IT and have the opportunity to create their websites? Then the 5-day marathon WEB is your find! After all, this is a great opportunity to learn graphic design and HTML and CSS programming skills to create your web projects. The marathon takes place every day from Monday to Friday and includes two-hour classes. Participants can choose between individual lessons, pair lessons, or participation in a group of up to four people.

At the WEB marathon, the child:

  • Get acquainted with the Figma program and master HTML and CSS

HTML defines the structure and content of web pages. CSS sets its appearance and design. Together, they provide responsive design and interactivity. Figma is a tool for designing and prototyping web interfaces and mobile applications. It allows web designers to create mockups, vector graphics, and prototypes, communicate with the team, make changes in real-time, and much more.

We will teach you the basics of HTML and CSS to create your website in 5 days!

  • Create your site from scratch using the knowledge gained

HTML (HyperText Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) are the main languages for creating and designing web pages. So, having mastered these markup languages, each student will be able to create his own site on any topic.

  • Will understand if she likes to design and code

For the child to choose the direction in which he wants to develop his skills and acquire knowledge, it is necessary to try different directions. At the marathon, the child will understand whether web programming is suitable for him or perhaps he would like to create games.

  • Will get a lot of pleasure from the interactive form of education

The marathon format encourages children to learn new things in practice. So the child will immediately see the result of his work, and this always motivates him for further development.

Results and prospects:

This marathon will allow your child to expand their horizons in the field of web development. She will have the opportunity to learn the basics of working with graphic design and programming, create her unique site, and feel the satisfaction of the creative process of creation. After completing the course, each child will be able to present their site, which is a source of pride and achievement. And will also get the opportunity to feel like a real web developer and show his talent and interest in this direction.

Do not miss the chance to give your child the opportunity to reveal his talent in the field of web design and programming!