Unity: pros and cons of the engine

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The best courses on unity. Despite the fact that the Unity cross-platform game development environment will turn 17 years old this summer, programmers around the world continue to use it, considering it the most convenient and highest quality of all. Today we will talk more about this game engine and its application, as well as its implementation in the GoMother learning process.

The environment for creating games Unity has long captured the market, and not only the segment of mobile applications, but also desktop games. What are its main advantages?

What unity is good at: unity training

Firstly, the unity is good for beginners. A well-designed interface allows the programmer to work in real time and immediately observe the result of his work. Secondly, there are a huge number of plugins and assets for the unit – add-ons that will make the work process much faster, easier and more efficient. The most complex ideas and grandiose ideas are easy to bring to life using the Unity engine. Plus, it’s free to use, although it limits a game creator’s earnings to $100,000 a year without a paid subscription.

And finally, cross-platform. Games created on the engine can be easily ported between Windows, Linux, OS X, Android, iOS, consoles of the PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo families, VR and AR devices.

What is wrong with the unity?

Despite the huge number of certain advantages, there are things that some experts point out as the disadvantages of the engine:

Slowness. If your work is full of complex components and all sorts of “highlights”, the engine may not load it well.

In addition, applications created on Unity are quite “heavyweight”: even the simplest pixel game can take up several hundred megabytes on a PC. Yes, for a computer hard drive this is a small amount, but if the project is being developed for mobile platforms, you should think about optimizing its size.

In general, these are the main “nuances”.

How to Learn to Build Your Own Games: The Best Unity Courses

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