How to create a server in Minecraft?

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Minecraft programming for kids. Today, the variety of games has reached, if not its peak, then almost its peak. Gamers can choose among a huge number of rpg games, shooters and construction games a “toy” that suits them. But for some reason, Minecraft has not left all the “tops” for many years in a row. What kind of game is this, how to create a server on it and why it can help you learn programming – you will learn in our new article.

Minecraft is a game not only for children, but also for adults. In it, players from cubic materials of natural origin (earth, stone, etc.) create their own world. The world of minecraft has long gone beyond the usual construction games, and has become a place for art. Individual users recreate real masterpieces of architecture in the virtual world, and even entire real cities.

How to create a server in Minecraft: programming for kids

Today we will step by step try to create a server in the Minecraft game using the Vanilla core. First you need to download the kernel to your PC from the link.

After that, you need to open the server file by right-clicking on it -> Open with -> Java. After launch, the server panel will open and close after a few seconds, and several new files will appear in the server folder. You will need to open one of them called “eula.txt” with notepad, change the value from false to true and save your edits.

Now you need to start the server again by double-clicking the left mouse button and wait until the server boots up. When it does start and the console says “Done”, the number of files and folders in the folder with the server will increase noticeably. Now you need to go to your server settings and open the “” file using notepad. Among the server settings, you need to find the “online-mode =” parameter, change its value from true to false, save the changes and close the file.

Now you can go to the game, then to the network game, add a new server using the IP “” or “localhost”.

This is how a server for minecraft is simply created).

Is it possible to learn programming for children minecraft?

Of course yes! The main thing is that you can learn while playing in GoMother. We have a whole course for little gamers who want to become real IT experts in the future. Come to a trial lesson and see for yourself that programming is a great investment in your child’s future!

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