Minecraft programming

The first level of programming is Minecraft visual programming
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The course is based on the visualization of basic concepts in programming and implemented in the universe of Minecraft. Your child will be able to create 3D universes, manage them and have fun and have fun.

Minecraft programming course for schoolchildren is the first step to the future IT profession.

Programming courses for Minecraft students are based on the visualization of basic concepts in programming and the additional module Mcreator. This course is adapted for students in grades 1-4. The Mcreator module is a visual-oriented space for compiling algorithms in the form of a game with elements of physics, mathematics and design. Students create a game universe, they develop logical and creative thinking, learn to set goals and achieve results.

Program of the programming course for schoolchildren “Minecraft”:

  1. Introduction. How Mcreator works and why you need it.
  2. Creating and setting up a workspace.
  3. Creator interface. Introduction to basic functions and UI.
  4. The concept of “creative mode tab”. Its creation.
  5. Creating basic animations and textures for blocks, objects, creatures, etc.
  6. Creating blocks, objects, creatures, etc.
  7. Creating armor and tools.
  8. Working with Block Bench (Creating Cubic 3D Objects and Using them in Mcreator).
  9. Procedures in Mсreator, their application.
  10. Achievements, teams, functions
  11. Creation of biomes, their settings.
  12. Creating measurements (worlds), setting them up and adding biomes.
  13. Create your own GUI.
  14. Add your own music and sounds.
  15. Creating structures.
  16. The concept of “Loot Table” and its application.
  17. Variables in Mcreator.
  18. Localization.
  19. Creating your own project.

The result of the programming course for students “Minecraft”:

Creator – a module that will help students learn programming, develop skills in compiling algorithms in an interesting game form. Your student will be able to create their own game using the Creator program. Will take the first steps in algorithmization and programming. After learning the basics of algorithms and acquiring visual programming skills, students will be able to use the same module to switch to Python programming. Python has been already “adult” text programming.

Courses are held online or at locations: Akademgorodok, Zhytomyr.

Student-friendly programs are used for online lessons. We offer hangouts and discord or leave the choice to the student. The schedule of attendance is also chosen according to the convenience of the student. The school works seven days a week. Therefore, it is easy to choose a convenient time and day of visits.


  • Курси з Minecraft на основі MCreator

    Santa’s mansion

    MCreator – an interesting course based on the favorite game Minecraft. At the competition, the student quarrelled the mansion of Santa) Added many objects. On the course, the child adds his creatures to the game, by the way, creates new measurements and tools – add-ons (mods). All the developed add-ons the child then successfully applies in the game with friends or an independent game. These mods can be shared and distributed.

    Author: Хицюк Артем

    Source code:

    Study period: 3 month

    Age: 15

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  • Создание мод для Minecraft для детей

    Santa’s house

    Creating a mod for Minecraft for children. Minecraft programming courses for schoolchildren are created with the help of an additional module Mcreator. Competitive work was done according to the conditions. It was necessary to create software mods for the game and implement them. The mods are developed using the MCreator editor and an additional Python programming language, so students learn about the theory and basics of programming in parallel. MCreator is an interesting and useful course based on Minecraft’s favorite game.

    Author: Панченко Кирилл

    Study period: 3 month

    Age: 10

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