Windows Forms + C# + HTML

Become an adult - create your own application! Learn to Program in C# .NET Windows Forms
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Windows Forms is an application programming interface responsible for the graphical user interface. It is part of the .Net Framework and is designed to simplify user interaction with Win API elements.

The Application Creation Course Windows Forms Application + C# + HTML course is an online programming course for teenagers and adults.

The online Application Creation Course of programming Windows Forms+C#+HTML is based on the study of algorithms for creating graphical interfaces using the .NET platform. The most simple and convenient platform for such purposes is Window Forms or WinForms for short. This course provides an understanding of the principles of creating graphical interfaces using WinForms technology and the operation of the main parts of the control. The application is created in the C# programming language. After a basic study of the principles of working with the C # language and its syntax, we suggest moving on to an in-depth study of libraries and related technologies.

C# is an object-oriented language. C# has support for inheritance, polymorphism, operator reloading, static typing. This approach helps to solve common problems in the development of large applications that remain flexible, extensible and scalable.

Program of the course of creating Windows Forms applications + C# + HTML:

1. Creating a form design, studying the palette (constituents of the application)
2. C# basics, the simplest applications, label
3. Interactive applications, textBox, button
4. Working with window and element parameters
5. ComboBox and its filling
6. Dynamic variables and elements
7. Events
8. Development based on applications (calculators, converters, etc.)
9. Multi-window applications
10. Pictures
11. Timer
12. Dates and calendar
13. Pop-ups
14. Positioning elements application
15. Fundamentals of good app design
16. Registration form
17. Links
18. Working with files
19. Simple game
20. MVC Basics

Online programming courses for teenagers and adults – the result:

In our course, you will create a simple C# application with a Windows-based user interface. You will learn how to create a new Windows Forms program using Visual Studio. After creating the initial application, you will learn how to add controls and handle events. You will learn how to connect applications to a database, work with MySQL, and create your own design for the application.

During the course, you will learn how to work with C# .NET Windows Forms, as well as create a program with a unique design and database connection.

Courses are held online or at locations: Akademgorodok, Zhitomirskaya, s. Svyatopetrovskoe.

For online lessons, a program convenient for the student is used. We offer hangouts and discord, or leave the choice up to the student. The schedule for attending classes is also selected according to the convenience of the student. The school is open seven days a week. Therefore, it is easy to choose a convenient time and day of visits.