First level of programming - visual programming Scratch
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Children’s programming online “Scratch” is the first step to the future IT profession.

Children’s Scratch programming courses are based on visualization of basic concepts in programming. This course is adapted for children from 6 to 10 years. This is the direction of visually-oriented space for creating objects in digital form and programming the algorithm of their actions. Scratch’s programming courses for children have been recognized as the best way to adapt logical thinking in a small audience. Students make up story games themselves, and the teacher helps to translate ideas into movable animation and game. Programming fun with Scratch!

Program of programming course for children online “Scratch”:

  1. Introduction to the programming environment “Scratch”.
  2. Scratch 2 programming environment interface.
  3. What is an algorithm?
  4. Sprite Management.
  5. Blocks of appearance and sound.
  6. Development of the project “Dances”.
  7. Development of the project “Musicians”
  8. Cycling the program.
  9. Project development “Ball game”
  10. Developing the game “Catch me”
  11. Coordinates x, y.
  12. Development of the game “Cart”
  13. Introduction to Variables.
  14. Drawing in Scratch.
  15. Learning to Draw.
  16. Development of the “Island” project.
  17. Development of the final project.
  18. Development of the final project.


The result of the programming course for children online “Scratch”:

Your child will be able to create your game with the help of Scratch. Will make the first steps in programming. Will learn to build algorithms. The student will have experience working out the logic of the game, programming it and creating characters. Learn to add audio, animate images. And make his own game.

We offer three main stages of programming for children and the first stage – SCRATCH

Pre-school and primary school children start at the first level – visual programming based on the SCRATCH program. Children’s programming courses will allow your child to better understand the construction of algorithms. After studying the basics and acquiring the skills of building simple algorithms, students move to the second stage in the study of programming – text programming. To do this, we offer two languages to choose from HTML / CSS or Python.

Courses are held online

For online lessons, a student-friendly program is used. We offer hangouts and discord or leave the choice to the student.


  • Курс Scratch

    Competitive work “Collect gifts”

    At the 2022 contest, Dmitry created a game on Scratch. In this game you need to catch gifts. This course is based on the visualization of the basic concepts in programming. Your child will be able to create their own game using the Scratch program.

    Author: Ільченко Дмитро Ярославович

    Age: 10

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  • Курсы Scratch для детей

    Christmas game

    Scratch courses for kids are a way to manifest yourself and make the first steps in programming. Cyril made a game in which Santa Claus collects gifts.

    Author: Маслов Кирилл

    Age: 8

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  • Курсы скреч

    Cute New Year’s game

    Scratch for children (6+ years ). Maria has created an incredibly cute game for the annual competition) Programming courses for the youngest. From 6 years old. Fun, interesting, just about difficult. We invite all preschoolers and schoolchildren to visit our course

    Author: Проценко Мария

    Age: 10

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  • Визуальное программирование скреч

    Just a New Year’s game

    Zagoruiko Bogdan made the game in a visual-block programming environment Scratch. The essence of the game is to help collect Santa Claus gifts passing the maze.

    Author: Загоруйко Богдан

    Age: 16

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