Piano Lessons

Do you want your child to master the art of playing the piano? Our school is ready to help!
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Piano Lessons

Would you like your child to master the art of playing the piano? Our school is ready to help! In our lessons, students learn music notation, theory, rhythm, how to read sheet music, accompany favorite songs, and more. Our goal is to instill a love for the instrument and awaken the desire to progress further, not stopping at what has been achieved.

Individual Lessons

From the first piano lessons, you will feel our individual approach to each student. Our qualified teachers will help your child master piano skills quickly and effectively. We understand that each student has their unique talents that need to be developed properly. The speed of success depends not only on the student’s initial abilities but also on the teacher’s desire and effort. Piano lessons are usually very enjoyable, but over time, fatigue from routine learning may arise. The teacher’s important task is to maintain the child’s interest and help them concentrate. Selecting appropriate repertoire helps maintain the interest of young students, encouraging them to engage in music in their free time.

What will the student gain from learning?

Our music teachers use modern piano teaching methodologies that yield noticeable results. Within six months of starting from scratch, your child will be able to play simple melodies, and within one and a half to two years, we will teach you to play accompaniment to any popular song at a good level.

We also develop musical ear and composition skills; many of our students start composing their own music. Playing the piano is hugely popular among students as it opens up wide creative possibilities. Our courses help each student unlock their potential, regardless of age or level of preparation.

The piano course includes the following components:

  • theory and solfeggio
  • rhythm (a series of exercises that develop musical ear and rhythm)
  • mastering piano playing skills
  • development of “finger speed”
  • selection of repertoire according to the student’s wishes
  • analysis of compositions using both hands
  • practice (playing on the instrument)

Courses are held online

For online lessons, a student-friendly program is used. We offer hangouts and discord or leave the choice to the student. To try it out, simply leave a request on the website.