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The second level - drawing with the help of a graphic tablet in the program Adobe Photoshop
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Photoshop Drawing Courses – Digital Art Courses!

Courses Drawing Photoshop online is based on learning the basics of tools and functions of Photoshop and gaining knowledge of the basics of drawing. In the lessons in this direction, children will be able to create digital pictures with the help of a graphic tablet and Photoshop program. Digital painting for children is the main idea for this direction.

We do not burden children with complex technical information. Of course, it is also present, but we try to work in a creative way. Adobe Photoshop Drawing Course is not only a tool of the Photoshop program, it is also the processing of the plot, making up and drawing the image, the overall look of the composition.

The program of the course “Photoshop Drawing Courses” online:

1 Main tools
3 Composition
4 Fundamentals of Color
5 Brushes
6 Shapes
7 Textures
8 Body proportions
9 Physics of motion
10 Correction

Course result:

As a result, the child will be able to master the tools of the Photoshop program. With the help of tools your child will be able to draw his first graphic masterpiece. Will develop the general perception of design and graphics as well to get acquainted with the basics of academic drawing.

The course is designed to achieve 100% of the results. Attentive and responsible teaching staff will always help students correct mistakes and show what other solutions are. Due to the small number of students in groups, the leader can work individually with each student in the digital painting course (PHOTOSHOP) online. In this way, the learning process is effective.

In addition to the younger category of students, we offer a qualified training course in photoshop for beginners and training for adults.

Courses are held online

For online lessons, a student-friendly program is used. We offer hangouts and discord or leave the choice to the student. The attendance schedule is also chosen according to the convenience of the pupil. The school is open seven days a week. Therefore, it is easy to choose a convenient time and day of visits.

We also offer individual lessons of academic drawing and lessons on preparation for admission to art schools of Ukraine, as well as in architectural, design, art universities.


  • Малювання фотошоп

    Drawing in Photoshop

    In the Photoshop drawing courses, the guys create their first creative work. We are working on different drawing techniques. We select the work in which the student must apply the functions and tools on the topic studied. It was this work that the student did on her own, without the help of a teacher. Today, digital drawing is very popular. A hobby can turn into unique skills that the art world will be drawn to. Our courses are suitable for those who are taking their first steps in mastering a graphics tablet.

    Author: Oleksandra

    Study period: 6 month

    Age: 12

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  • малювання яна графічному планшеті

    Drawing on a graphics tablet

    Previously, artists used only pencils, brushes, paints. In the modern world, creative ideas are realized with the help of gadgets and graphic editors. Programs show the whole range of colors and their shades. Imitate canvases and materials. A modern graphics tablet is a gadget that converts a hand-drawn drawing on a screen into a digital image. This is an interesting creative and exciting process that helps our students create their own work.

    Author: Lady Dee

    Study period: 6 month

    Age: 14

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  • Курсы рисования Академгородок


    Such a fantastic animal created Romanov Diana. Diana is engaged in the course Drawing Adobe Photoshop. Courses of drawing Academgorodok is an opportunity not to limit the flight of fantasy. Diana’s only been practicing for six months, but she can already boast of learning achievement.

    Author: Романив Диана

    Study period: 6 month

    Age: 13

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  • Малювання Adobe Photoshop для дітей

    Simple landscape painting

    Angelina Antonenko is studying at the course Drawing Adobe Photoshop for children 3 months. In this course, students create their art with various tools. Angelina created this landscape in one lesson. Drawing Adobe Photoshop is the second stage of training after the course of Adobe Photoshop Basics.

    Author: Ангелина Антоненко

    Study period: 3 month

    Age: 12

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  • Курси Photoshop

    Toad )

    Diana has created a cute little frog in the Adobe Photoshop program. The student is engaged in 3 months of drawing Adobe Photoshop. This course is aimed at discovering the creative abilities of the child. This is the second stage of the course after mastering the basics of Adobe Photoshop.

    Author: Диана Придатко

    Study period: 3 month

    Age: 13

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  • придатко 13 лет

    Work “Girl with a lamb”

    Appendage Diana drew a girl with a candle. Diana has been doing Adobe Photoshop for three months. And has already mastered the basic functions and tools of the program. Creativity reveals all facets and features of individuality, helps self-expression. Touch the world of real modern art. In Photoshop lessons, the child will reveal his potential and will be able to apply his knowledge in the area of interest.

    Author: Придатко Диана

    Study period: 3 month

    Age: 13

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  • Малювання у Adobe Photoshop

    Works by our students

    On the course “Drawing Adobe Photoshop” children will be able to learn how to create digital drawings using a graphic tablet and Photoshop program. Courses for children are held online

    Study period: 1 year

    Age: 11

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  • Курси малювання Photoshop Кіїв


    Maria attends the course – Drawing Adobe Photoshop. Drawing on a graphic tablet is not the same as transferring mental images to paper. So Masha had patience and mastered this course.

    Author: Мария

    Study period: 6 month

    Age: 13

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  • Курсы Рисование Adobe Photoshop Киев

    The Work of “The Character”

    The title of the work “I am a pirate!”. Tanya plans to become an artist in the future. For a modern artist it is very important to learn to transfer the results of his talent not only on paper, but also on the computer screen. At the moment is engaged in the course “Drawing on a graphic tablet in the program Photoshop”.

    Author: Татьяна

    Study period: 6 month

    Age: 13

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  • Малювання Photoshop

    Portrait of Mother)

    Photoshop is widely used to work with images, providing a really wide range of capabilities. The program allows you to create: drawings, pictures, graphics – different degrees of complexity. Photoshop has several tools designed to create drawings. These tools have been successfully used by our student and created her mother’s vision))

    Author: Владислава

    Study period: 6 month

    Age: 11

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