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Drawing courses for children are various drawing and drawing lessons for all levels of training and age.

Drawing courses for children online – our practical course for those who want to learn to draw, to master an important theory: composition, color study, perspective, anatomy. And a lot of techniques: drawing pencil, graphics, watercolor and oil, pastel painting, acrylic, sketching markers and much more.

Program «Drawing courses for children»:

  • Theory: composition. Drawing with a pencil.
  • Theory: linear perspective. Drawing with a pencil.
  • Theory: anatomy. Pencil drawing.
  • Theory: color studies. Watercolor
  • Painting: Watercolor.
  • Painting: vegetable oil.
  • Painting: Acrylic.
  • Painting: Pastel.
  • Sketching. Easy watercolor sketching.
  • Sketching. Detailed, with elaborate textures.
  • Sketching. Illustration markers.

The result of the study in the drawing course for children:

Courses of drawing for children online – a place where students will receive fundamental academic knowledge and will get acquainted with the most popular artistic techniques. Students will gain knowledge in all major art and graphic areas. We will help to make the first step towards the profession of artist. Our students often begin to teach, paint custom paintings or become illustrators.
Creativity reveals all the boundaries and features of individuality, helps self-expression. Creativity is guaranteed to bring a lot of fun!

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Courses are held online


  • Уроки малювання

    Favorite heroes

    Drawing lessons for children are a lot of practice: students start drawing from the first lesson, gradually moving from simple to complex and mastering various techniques. Marina, like any teenager, loves to draw trendy pictures of comic book and manga characters)

    Author: Marina

    Age: 13

  • Курсы рисования для детей Академгородок

    Tangerine Adventure

    Comic books are very popular among students of our school. Here is one of the works of our student. This work describes the everyday adventures of the New Year’s tangerine – comics can capture the imagination better than any other means. It is a popular form of art, not only entertaining but also instructing, showing or explaining complex stories and concepts through images and dialogues.

    Age: 10

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  • Курсы рисования Киев

    Oil portrait

    The adult art lessons are designed for you to come to our school, where you will find all the materials necessary for painting and with step-by-step instructions of the experienced artist, have drawn the picture you want. A portrait was painted with oil on this lesson.

    Author: Анна

    Age: 17

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  • Курсы рисования Академгородок

    Oil painting classes

    Oil painting classes for beginners are the best way to try to paint with oil at minimal cost. You do not need to buy an easel, canvases, paints, brushes, mastic, diluents. Our school provides everything you need for the drawing lesson and you have a painting in oil. Throughout the class, the artist will tell how to paint a picture in oil and help to do it.

    Author: Юля

    Study period: 1 month

    Age: 35

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  • Курси малювання для дітей Кіїв

    Pencil drawing

    The ability to draw with a simple pencil is one of the stages of learning. The technique of drawing with a simple pencil is the basis of drawing classes. To draw confidently objects, animals and even portraits, you need to learn first drawing in the technique of a simple pencil. In this lesson we studied the technique of drawing with a simple soft pencil.

    Author: Марина

    Study period: 1 month

    Age: 10

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  • Курси малювання для дітей

    Watercolor landscape

    Watercolor painting lessons are very simple and inspiring. Soft lines, delicate strokes, airy watercolors are the most favorite lessons of our students. In the lesson, they learn the basics of working with brushes and paints, techniques for working with watercolors.

    Study period: 1 month

    Age: 11

  • Курси малювання Академмістечко


    Ruslana decided to master the basic techniques of drawing with a pencil. We decided to start with the image of simple things with the study of the basic rules of working with the material. The main thing – we were consistent, perform all stages in turn. And after a few lessons – a pleasant result.

    Author: Руслана

    Study period: 4 month

    Age: 10

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