• Комп'ютерна грамотність для дітей

    Computer literacy for children online or in the office

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    індивидуальное занятие 60 мин

    30 занятий
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The main provisions of the IT school

  • advantage-1

    Flexible and adaptive teaching method

    Depending on the level of the group, the dynamics of studying the subject and achieving goals changes.

  • advantage-2

    Different forms of learning

    Individually, in a duet, in a group (from 3 to 4 people). The teacher pays maximum attention to each student.

  • advantage-3

    Level training program

    Courses and classes are built on the principle of "step by step from simple to complex".

  • advantage-4

    Individual schedule of study

    The time and days are selected depending on the wishes of students. The duration of the lesson is also chosen by the student.

Programming courses for children over 5 years old.

Programming courses for children – is the key to a successful future for your child. The basis of the course is a visual learning program SCRATCH.

This program in the context of the school of programming for children is aimed at maximizing practical skills in writing algorithms from your children from the very beginning. With our programming courses, children will not only have the opportunity to create simple algorithms, but will also be able to develop logical and creative thinking.

Coding courses for children are designed for children from 5 years of age. Groups of children of 4 – 8 pupils are recruited, depending on the wishes of parents and age of pupils!

We have interactive sessions and create a new theme every week.

Every two weeks, your child learns about a new approach to algorithm creation and learns to create their original software. This promotes the development of logic and creative thinking at an early age. And what can be better, the comprehensive development of your child? It’s an incredible opportunity to create your own digital world.

Our courses consist of a cycle of three sessions, each of which is a step towards the next.

  • In the first session we study a certain topic to make algorithm and approach to its realisation in software .
  • In the second lesson, we move on to the next stage – examining the shortcomings of the previous approach and the possibilities for improving it.
  • The third lesson completes the lesson of one cycle. The children are given a certain character at home and given the task of making 2-3 consecutive algorithms for this character, using the knowledge they have just learned.

We are waiting for you at our programming courses at the school @GoMother!


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