Heads in Minecraft: how to get

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Heads in Minecraft or skulls in the world of Minecraft exist as a fascinating piece of scenery. These blocks can be used to decorate the space and add interesting details to the gameplay. Let’s take a closer look at the variety of heads and how to use them.

Heads in Minecraft: types and how to get them

There are seven main types of heads: Skeleton, Desiccant Skeleton, Zombie, Player (Steve), Creeper, Edge Dragon, and Worm. Each of them has its unique characteristics and methods of obtaining.

Skeleton, Desiccant Skeleton, Zombie, Worm, and Creeper heads can be obtained in Survival mode by killing the corresponding mob from a charged creeper explosion. However, the player’s head (Steve) is not obtainable in this mode. The head of the Krayu dragon is on the bow of the Krayu ship.

Features and uses

Player heads can be customized to any registered name using console commands, allowing players to create decorations with a personal style. Also, Drier Skeleton Skulls can be used to summon a Drier by placing them in a certain order on Soul Sand or Soul Soil blocks.

Heads can be used for cloaking, reducing the detection radius of the respective mobs. Placing the heads above the music pad allows you to play the sounds of the respective mobs when activated. In addition, there are special nicknames with unique heads that can be used to decorate the interior.

Interesting Facts

  • When the head is destroyed, particles of soul sand appear;
  • The interior of the skulls of the skeleton and desiccant skeleton is hollow, unlike the other heads;
  • If you use an invisibility potion and wear a skull, it will be visible just like the armor;
  • With a skeleton or zombie appearing next to a discarded head, there is a small chance that they will put it on;
  • Skeletons or zombies wearing a head are immune to sunlight;
  • If you change the player’s skin, it will automatically change to the player’s head;
  • Kraya’s dragon head can be activated with a redstone signal, and the mandible will begin to move. When using the looped mechanism, it will move faster;
  • Despite the larger head size of the Edge dragon and its mobile mouth, its hitbox is the same as the other heads, which means that it is possible to fall through if you stand on the mouth;
  • Before version 1.17.0, during the explosion of a charged creeper, the head of a desiccating skeleton would fall out of Zymogor;
  • The Soul Speed enchantment applies to heads and bonfires if they are on Soul Sand or Soul Soil blocks.


Minecraft heads provide players with many opportunities to decorate and add to the game world. With their help, you can create unique decorative elements and interesting mechanisms. The variety of types and uses makes heads an important part of the gaming experience.

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