How to prepare for NMT 2024 in mathematics

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NMT 2024 in mathematics is approaching, so it’s time to prepare. In this article, we will tell you the main points of preparation that will help you pass the exam with a high score.

Assess your level of mathematical knowledge today

A tenth-grader can cope with 75-80% of the tasks of the current NMT. Find a suitable test on the Internet and take it, for example, the trial NMT 2023 online on the official website: Test your 7th-grade knowledge, such as reduced multiplication formulas and properties of triangle angles. Also, review 8th-grade material, including quadrilaterals and quadratic equations. Remember progressions and probability theory for the 9th grade. This is important because new topics await you in the 11th grade, and there is no time to repeat previous years in the program. But create a list of topics that you may have already managed to forget to determine the level of problems.

Take your class 11 maths topics seriously

It would be best if you learned logarithms and integrals, polyhedra and solids of revolution, and problems in combinatorics and stereometry. These are 6 new topics that make up 25-30% of possible test points. It is the pinnacle of school math knowledge that combines new concepts with previous material. Without these points, getting a high score on NMT 2024 in mathematics will be difficult.

Find and print the reference materials of ZNO/NMT in mathematics

It’s about three pages and over 100 formulas, but you don’t need to memorize everything. Use these materials in class and during homework and test preparation. Learn to quickly find the necessary formula, because time is limited at the ZNO/NMT.

Use additional sources of information for NMT 2024 in mathematics

If there are gaps in knowledge, schooling in mathematics may not be enough. Download mathematics textbooks for previous grades, which are available on many resources, such as But repeat the topics you forgot.

Watch videos of math bloggers on YouTube and social media

There is quite a lot of information, but be careful. Not all videos are meant to be educational, sometimes they are made for hype and a lot of views. Watching such videos can be interesting, but is it useful? Won’t you waste your time? If you have doubts about the quality of the content, it is better to refuse such information, because it can cause harm, not help.

Ask for help from a competent specialist – a tutor with experience in preparing for the ZNO/NMT. Not every teacher can provide such expertise, and not every person knowledgeable in mathematics will be able to provide helpful advice and knowledge on how to take the test effectively. The tutoring center of IT school GoMother has tutored in mathematics with many years of experience in preparing for ZNO/NMT and other mathematics exams.

NMT 2024 in mathematics is coming soon. Start working now!

Do not postpone the preparation for ZNO/NMT for the last month. In 2-3 months, and even in half a year, it will not be possible to prepare for a high result, and the experience of 15 years of preparation confirms this. The tasks on the 2023 multitest were specific and difficult. You won’t find these tasks in textbooks, and they test your knowledge of at least two topics. Only systematic work under the control and help of a professional tutor will lead to a high result. This will allow you to look confidently into your future.

Don’t forget to take rest breaks, analyze your mistakes, and practice a lot.

We wish you successful training!

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