How to prepare for the NMT in Ukrainian literature

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NMT on Ukrainian literature – prepare together with GoMother!

In 2024, applicants in Ukraine who plan to enter higher educational institutions must take four subjects at the NMT, of which three are mandatory, and one is chosen independently. One of the options to choose from is Ukrainian literature.

Those students who intend to study philology majors will show special interest in the Ukrainian literature test. But all willing applicants can choose this subject. It is worth remembering that the specific list of subjects for admission to a certain specialty is established by higher educational institutions. So it is recommended to follow updates on their websites.

Regarding the preparation for the Ukrainian literature test, IT school GoMother will share useful tips, including where to find a list of works for the NMT-2024 test, how to read them (in full or abridged), how to remember names, characteristics of characters, pseudonyms of authors, families. And genres, and what is important to know about training for past years’ ZNO tests. We will also talk about ways that will help prepare for the exam more pleasant.

Where to start the preparation

It is important to start preparing for NMT on Ukrainian literature already in the autumn-winter period of the school year. The first step is to take the entrance exam of previous years to measure your level and track your progress. Then you should familiarize yourself with the program of the external examination in Ukrainian language and literature. Which remains relevant, and the list of mandatory works for the exam.

Additional useful information can be a selection of works provided by media It contains a list of works in chronological order, starting with oral folk works and ending with modern literary works. From this list, it is recommended to read the largest works first and leave the smaller ones. For example, folklore and lyrics, for the end. It is also recommended to read the works in their entirety, as the tests often contain questions that are difficult to answer without a full understanding of the content of the text.

For example, in the episode with the electric fly swatter in ZNO-2020, students had to match the episodes of the work. This episode was in the work “Mina Mazaylo”, but this detail was not in the abridged version. Therefore, it is important to read the works in their entirety to be prepared for such questions.

NMT on Ukrainian literature

It is also possible to consider the number of works in the context of the number of weeks remaining before the NMT.

This will help to determine the required pace of familiarization with the works. However, it should be remembered that with limited preparation time, such as 3-4 months, it will not be enough to consider only one work per week.

Also, the IT tutoring center of the GoMother school recommends grouping works by complexity during one preparation period. For example, if some works are simple and short, and they are easy to understand. Then in a week, you can consider 2-3 such works. But next week, you can pay attention to only one work, which is considered quite difficult, for example, “Do the oxen roar like the manger is full.”

What training strategy to choose?

The ideal preparation strategy, according to GoMother tutors, is to read the work in its entirety, form your own opinion about it, memorize the key facts. And then consolidate this knowledge in a short retelling.

In addition, it is important to write out marker words for each work, since the NMT is not only a measure of knowledge about the details of the plot. But also an understanding of the main aspects of the work. Each work has its markers, such as the place of events, time, the names of the main characters, their characteristics, the genre and genre of the work, the author’s name, and a pseudonym, if any. These markers can be saved as notes, charts, tables, comics, or even audio recordings, depending on your memorization style.

In addition, these markers will be useful for finding quotations that are often included in the test questions. And maybe the key to the correct answers.

It is important to remember the title of the work and the name of the author, as these data are often used in test questions. Many students make mistakes in this matter, so make an effort to be aware of this information.

To better understand the theory of literature, we recommend studying it using examples of specific works. Since the theory of literature is related to the analysis of literary texts, it is best studied by considering these works. For example, when you analyze Do the Oxen roar like the Manger Is Full, you can simultaneously consider theoretical aspects that apply to the novel, such as genre, genre, period of history, key characteristics of the novel, etc.

It is also important to teach students how to analyze poems. For example, they must be able to recognize various literary devices such as metaphors, metonymy, simile, etc. Simply knowing the definition of these terms is not enough. It is important to teach future students to recognize them in different works. It takes practice.

The analysis of modern texts is also important since lately, the tasks of the external examination of Ukrainian literature include texts not included in the official program. And ask for the definition of certain characteristics of the genre, etc.

NMT on Ukrainian literature – preparation with the help of tests

It is also useful to use tests from previous years when preparing for NMT/ZNO. It helps to understand the test format. On the exam itself, students should already know how to interpret the conditions of the tasks, and not meet them for the first time.

We recommend practicing with the tests right away, as this accounts for 40% of success. You can read all the texts and learn the theory, but not understand. For example, how to connect the artist’s name with his statements, or the quotable description of a character with the description of that character.

In the latter case, we don’t even have a name, and this is already a more difficult level. Therefore, it is worth focusing on this from the first stages of preparation.

Also, at an early stage of preparation, to avoid excessive stress, you can take tests on specific topics that have already been repeated. Such tests can be found on the educational portal Later, when students gain more knowledge, they can solve tests over the years.

visualization or create plots

As for remembering names, nicknames, and titles of works, it is useful to use visualization or create plots. Students can use ready-made guides where information is presented in the form of visual elements. Or you can create pictures that will help you remember information.

Comics can be used to memorize large works, where key passages can be sketched out and captioned with important quotes. As for memorizing the names of works and their authors and pseudonyms, cards with the name of the work on one side and the author’s name and pseudonym, if any, on the other side can be useful. Another alternative is to use Quizlet to create digital flashcards.

Memorization methods

You can use the association method to better remember details, but it is important to make associations that cover two or more key points to remember and combine. For example, to remember the author and the title of the work, you can create an image from objects that are associated with this information.

For effective preparation for the external examination, it is recommended to repeat several times. First, read the work, then, after a certain time, listen to a short narration in audio or video format. And, finally, conduct the last revision a month before the exam.

To sum up, successful preparation for the external examination of Ukrainian literature:

  • involves the gradual study of works,
  • regular passing of tests,
  • use of visualization methods and associations for memorization,
  • repeated repetition to consolidate knowledge.

Do not hesitate to ask your teachers for help and advice. The GoMother tutoring center will prepare you for a high score in NMT on Ukrainian literature. We will select a teacher who will be your guide in the world of literature. Lessons will be held at a time convenient for you in Akademmistechko or online.

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