How NMT will take place in 2024

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At NMT 2024, Ukrainian applicants will be required to choose four subjects: three compulsory and one elective. Information about this was provided by Deputy Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine Mikhail Vinnitsky during the press briefing “Entrance tests in 2024: what to expect.”

In 2024, graduates will also take a multi-subject test, as wartime conditions complicate the EIT format, with all students writing one subject on the same day.

Compulsory subjects of the national multi-subject test

In addition, Mikhail Vinnitsky noted that in 2024, applicants will be required to complete three compulsory subjects:

  • Ukrainian language;
  • history of Ukraine;
  • mathematics.

Applicants will choose the fourth subject independently from the following options: Ukrainian literature (for philological specialties), foreign language, biology, physics, chemistry, geography.

According to Mikhail Vinnitsky, Ukraine is moving towards EU standards, where graduates are tested in a larger number of subjects. For example, like in Poland, where there is a “Matura” system.

Applicants will take all four subjects on the same day. With this testing schedule:

– 60 minutes in Ukrainian;
– 60 minutes for mathematics;

– a break of approximately 20 minutes (the exact time will be announced later);

– 60 minutes per story;

– 60 minutes per subject of your choice.

The Deputy Minister of Education emphasized that this is a very heavy burden on students, but higher education also requires serious effort, which is why the format of testing in four subjects on one day was chosen.

NMT 2024 abroad

Regarding graduates planning to compile NMT abroad, Tatyana Vakulenko, director of the Ukrainian Center for Assessing the Quality of Education, said that this opportunity remains relevant. Ukraine hopes for further cooperation with the 23 countries where temporary testing centers already exist.

At the same time, applicants from temporarily occupied territories and war zones in Ukraine will have the opportunity to enter higher education institutions through an interview. Because it is not possible to conduct NMT or entrance exams in these areas.

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