School life hacks: how to do homework without conflicts

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The new school year has just begun, and many parents are already running out of patience. Homework can be a challenge for any parent. Getting a schoolchild to sit down for homework and complete homework without yelling or conflict is a task that not everyone succeeds in. We’ve put together some tips for you on how to avoid tears and scandals when your children start learning.

Homework without tears is possible!

One of the key principles is not to put pressure on your child so that he sits down to do his homework immediately upon arriving from school. He needs to rest a little and “clear his head” before starting his lessons. A walk in the fresh air, watching a favorite cartoon, sports or creative activities, or even helping around the house can help him relax.

Create a ritual that will indicate when it is time to study

It could be anything. For example, the child can receive something sweet or you can prepare the workplace together. Regarding the latter, do not forget to remove all “extra” things such as phones, tablets, and games so that they do not distract the child’s attention.

It is important to try to study at the same time every day so that it becomes a habit in the child’s daily schedule, just like dental hygiene or cleaning the bed after bedtime. Create a schedule with your child and help him stick to it.

Explain to your students that there is no need to compare their academic achievements with the achievements of other classmates. It is better to evaluate your progress in comparison with previous results.

If your child still doesn’t understand how to do a task even after you’ve tried to explain it several times, don’t yell at him. Better take a short break. You will have time to calm down, and the child will be able to better comprehend the information received and will sooner understand what is needed from him.

Start with the simplest tasks. Small successes can become a source of motivation to complete more difficult tasks.


Remember that homework is for your child, not you. Therefore, if he asks for help, you do not need to complete tasks for him. Explain, and help solve similar examples, but under no circumstances do your child’s homework. After all, by completing tasks for him, you do not solve the problem but only postpone its solution.

If homework with a child leads to stress for parents and the student, you can turn to specialists. Our school’s tutoring center will select a tutor depending on your wishes. We have a flexible lesson schedule and an individual approach to each student. Lessons are held online or in our office at Akademgorodok metro station.

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