What should parents do if their child brings home bad grades?

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The Ukrainian language tutor, mathematics tutor, and others at our school often tell us how their teaching with children began. Concerned about grades, parents turned to specialists asking them to help improve their children’s knowledge.

But what should you do the first time your student receives a failing grade?

Sometimes parents are confused, upset, and sometimes angry. The GoMother IT school tutor will give practical advice on how to react and what to do if bad grades have become a common occurrence in your child’s diary.
The first and most important thing is conversation. Talk openly with your child. Perhaps the cause of the problem lies deeper. Conflicts with classmates, bullying, and an uncomfortable classroom environment can also lead to disinterest in subjects and demotivation. It is worth asking your child about the mood in the class and his relationships with peers. If the reason for bad grades is hidden in the fact that you need to establish contact in communication. If the situation is beyond your or your child’s control, it is recommended to change classes or schools. This way you will preserve your child’s mental health and improve the quality of learning.
Parents should remember that the teacher or tutor is not the only one responsible for their child’s education. They must be interested in the learning process. If you notice that unsatisfactory grades have appeared in a certain subject, try to understand this topic yourself and explain it to your child. Perhaps your words will sound clearer to your son or daughter than to the teachers. The unlimited learning time you have at home will be beneficial if your child takes a little longer to learn information than others. The problem may simply be that the child did not have time to understand the material in a short period. Then at home, you need to repeat and talk about this topic. Thus, the student will no longer have bad grades, because this lesson will be learned.
If you do not have time, or your knowledge is not sufficient to explain a certain subject to your child, contact a specialist.

There is a Ukrainian language tutor, a mathematics tutor, a history tutor – people who will provide professional assistance

These are teachers who are interested in knowing their students and work for their results. Each tutor devotes as much time to the child as is necessary to master the material. Pedagogical education will allow you to establish friendly contacts.
Last and most important is support. Without the wonderful motivation and sincere support of parents, it is more difficult for a child to learn. Words of encouragement will only encourage your son or daughter and lift his spirit. Remember that first of all you are parents, to whom the child should always turn with his experiences, and problems and can trust his secrets. This is the only way you can help if necessary.
If you don’t know how to choose the right tutor for your child, contact GoMother IT School! Here we will select a specialist depending on your needs. We invite your child to a trial lesson. Our tutor guarantees improvement of knowledge and progress in learning.
If you don’t know, we’ll teach you, if you don’t understand, we’ll explain, if you don’t want to, we’ll motivate you, if it’s difficult, we’ll show you life hacks.

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