What holidays do IT specialists celebrate in Ukraine?

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Even a programmer knows from scratch about the red days marked on the calendar. Just as doctors or teachers celebrate their professional day, IT specialists do not forget special dates. Programming holidays in Ukraine are a special time when thousands of talented and inventive code masters come together to celebrate their passion for technology and contribution to the development of the modern world. These are the days when programmers, developers, engineers, and everyone associated with the information and technology spheres come together to celebrate their achievements, exchange experiences, and simply enjoy the atmosphere of a community where the cost of an idea is more important than all other parameters.
Our programming school for children, which offers IT courses, has prepared a list of holidays for programmers. Even a programmer from scratch will find a date that is close to him and write it down in the calendar on his smartphone.

Let’s start with future events that we expect soon

If you’ve been waiting for a sign, here it is! October 16 is the day to clean the virtual desktop on your computer. We know how difficult and boring the cleansing process can be. And it seems impossible to tune in to it at all. Set a mention for October 16th with a task for the day to “clean your desk.”
IT programming courses for children, as well as computer science in schools, always warn Internet users about safety in the information space. We should not only remind you but devote a whole lesson to this on November 30th. This is Computer Security Day or International Data Protection Day. Discuss the basic principles of safe Internet use.
December 3 is celebrated by everyone who creates 3D because it is the day of computer graphics.
Everyone has a part in the next holiday. All users celebrate December 9th as Computational Technology Day.
There is a possibility that the next date will soon be completely forgotten because this thing has become less and less used in the modern world. March 2 is CD day. The familiar flash drive has long replaced the CD. On March 2, it is worth remembering how it all began and telling the younger generation about it.
April 3rd should rightfully stand next to your birthday and still be celebrated. After all, in the spring we remember the device that is always next to us – the telephone. It has become an integral part of every person. It is especially actively used by IT courses for programming for children, learning editing, etc.
There is a separate holiday for game designers. These specialists celebrate their professional day on April 27.

A programmer from scratch: how long ago have you checked your password for strength or set up two-step verification?

Perhaps you forgot your password or lost the piece of paper on which everything was written down. May 2 will remind you to take care of your cybersecurity. On password day, pay attention to them. If you have one code for all social networks, cards, and phones, you should create different passwords for each login. This reduces the likelihood of hacking significantly.
If you are reading this text, quickly write down August 23 as an outstanding date, because this is your day – the day of the Internet user. Congratulate your friends with a virtual card.
On August 29, each gamer is allowed to play one more rink/round/level. On World Video Game Day, gather your friends online and celebrate with a group game.
The professional holiday of information technology specialists will take place on September 13. Don’t forget to congratulate your teachers and colleagues.
September 15 is the birthday of one of the largest and most popular corporations. At the beginning of autumn, the Google search service celebrates its day. I wonder what design Google will choose for its birthday. Perhaps a party hat?
If you also dream of being involved in these holidays and realizing yourself in IT, contact us as soon as possible! IT programming courses for children will be a good start in your professional career.

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