Web design from scratch. Use of color in design

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Facts about the influence of colors on branding

Today we will talk about web design from scratch, first, you need to understand the effect of color on branding. The field of branding is one of those areas where the right choice of color contributes to success. Some colors elicit roughly the same reactions from consumers, but the subjective approach to choosing a color is also important. In advertising and marketing, colors are critical.

  • Yellow symbolizes optimism and is considered one of the best colors for design. Nikon, DHL, and IKEA used yellow in their logos.
  • Orange reflects benevolence and friendliness. Amazon, Blogger, and Firefox logos are based on this color.
  • Red symbolizes strength and freedom and is often used in marketing. Companies such as Oracle, CNN, Virgin, Netflix, and Lego have chosen red for their logos.
  • Purple represents creativity and state of mind. Orkut, Yahoo, and Barbie logos are based on this color.
  • Blue symbolizes trust and has been chosen by DELL, Twitter, Oreo, Facebook, IBM, NASA, and Vimeo for their logos.
  • Green symbolizes nature, spring, awakening, and peace and has been chosen by Spotify, AnimalPlanet, Starbucks Coffee, and Holiday Inn for their logos.
  • Gray, with its restrained palette, is used in the Apple and Wiki logos.

The impact of color on the design

Color is the first thing that attracts the attention of the consumer. Nearly 90% of a brand’s impressions are formed based on the first visual contact when people see an advertisement, product packaging on a store shelf, or a product logo.

Warm colors (red, pink, orange, yellow) that are used in logos or packaging attract customers and create an impression of intimacy by visually magnifying them.

Cool colors convey a sense of freshness and create an impression of professionalism and relevance. They are suitable for the design of companies operating in the medical and cosmetic fields. These include silver and lavender.

Dark cool colors such as purple, blue, and green do not distract from the content and give the impression of great ambition, quality, and stability. They are widely used in the IT field.

Warm dark hues such as gold or brown are associated with opulence and class. They are ideal for design and brands related to consulting and finance.

Neutral colors are versatile. Black, white, and gray emphasize other colors and create contrasts.

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