TOP 5 Books to Learn JavaScript

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Dreaming of becoming a programmer and looking for quality books on JavaScript? Here are some books to help expand your knowledge and fill gaps in your skills. They are a great addition to your core curriculum. Today we bring you five of the best JavaScript books that will interest both beginners and experienced programmers.

Our methodologists have put a lot of effort into research, read many textbooks, and analyzed the most popular books. We have prepared a selection of JavaScript tutorials for you.

Books on JavaScript TOP-5:

“A Smarter Way to Learn JavaScript” by Mark Myers

Books on JavaScript

Mark Myers’ book “A Smarter Way to Learn JavaScript” starts with basic concepts and progresses to more advanced topics such as variable scoping, constructors, and prototypes. There is also a website that contains examples of exercises after each section. To get them, you need to scan the QR code on the site. The correct answers to the exercises are also available on this site. It is worth noting that the book itself is not the only source nickname for learning JavaScript, but it provides basic knowledge and helps to consolidate them in practice.

“JavaScript The Good Parts” – Douglas Crockford

This book is not intended for beginners but is a great resource for programmers who want to understand JavaScript more deeply.

JavaScript The Good Parts

The author, Douglas Crockford, uses surgically precise language, avoiding superfluous details and superfluous words. He masterfully talks about the structure of JavaScript and demonstrates other aspects, leads us through the intricate labyrinths of objects and generators, and so on. The book is not intended to teach programming but reveals in detail the nature of JavaScript, its functioning, strengths, and weaknesses. Particularly noteworthy is the “Wat” section, where the author analyzes interesting examples and tasks that even experienced developers think about.

If you’re looking for JavaScript books for beginners, then this is not the place for you. But for those who want to gain a solid understanding of the workings and structure of a programming language, quickly solve complex problems, and take on more complex projects, this book is a must-read.

“Learning JavaScript Programming” – Eric Freeman, Elizabeth Robson

This bestseller is a great resource for those who are new to programming and don’t know where to

Books on JavaScriptstart. If the code seems complicated to you, but you are very interested in learning JavaScript, then this book is just for you! The original form of presentation of the material is comics, where complex material about JavaScript is presented easily and accessible through dialogues between characters. Interesting and understandable drawings greatly simplify the process of reading. The authors describe not only an explanation of the principles of the programming language but also practical aspects. The book details the various problems that developers face, as well as offers options for solving them. This book will help you understand the basics of JavaScript programming and help you write your first program. It will also prepare you for more serious assimilation of the material in the future.

“JavaScript for Dummies” – K. Minnick, E. Holland

Books on JavaScript

This book is an excellent choice for those who do not yet understand anything about programming but want to do it. The authors have created a detailed encyclopedia for learning the popular programming language. Clear tables, many examples, specific methods, tips, and detailed explanations. This book is a real treasure of knowledge for future programmers. After reading, you will understand the basics of JavaScript programming, be able to understand online graphics and HTML5 principles, learn how to set up the environment and work with loops, arrays, jQuery, animations, JSON, and other technologies. The disadvantage may be the small number of code analysis examples given in the tutorial. But for a more in-depth look at this aspect, there are other books on JavaScript. A nice plus is the ability to test the acquired knowledge using the online service indicated in the book.

“Expressive JavaScript. Modern Web Programming” M. Haverbeke

The book by Haverbeke is an excellent reference for those who choose to learn JavaScript. It explains in detail the programming language for beginners, which allows you to create your project. The tutorial covers topics such as arrow and asynchronous functions, iterators, template strings, scope, control structures, fixing errors and bugs, and asynchronous technologies. Haverbeke shares his personal history and development experience, providing real-life examples and solutions to complex issues. The book has a structured approach: simple topics are revealed by the transition to complex ones, with each subsequent step revealing more and more.

Books on JavaScript are a free way to learn programming, so take advantage of it!

Programming tutorials are always useful to supplement and expand the information in online courses. They are available at any time and can help refresh the necessary information in memory. And the choice of books should be made depending on your goals. If you already have experience with JavaScript, more advanced books are suitable. And for the initial study, you should choose manuals for beginners. However, if the books do not provide enough information, you can turn to professional courses that teach the art of JavaScript programming from A to Z, such as the GoMother IT school.

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