How to prepare a child for the new school year

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Preparing a child for school is a difficult and stressful process for parents. This covers not only the purchase of study aids, school clothes, and necessary devices. Moral and educational preparation is of great importance. Because adjusting to the educational process is one of the most difficult challenges, both for parents and for the student.

Today we will talk about how to help your child prepare at home. And we will also talk about one exciting program if you have limited time for this.

Preparing a child for school and what does it include?

What exactly does this long process involve and what does preparation for school mean? First of all, it is the familiarization of the child with the school and the educational process, especially if he goes to the first grade. If the child already has learning experience, it is still worth preparing him for the new school year. Each subsequent year usually requires more effort. So a student who prepares in advance will experience less stress at the beginning of the school year than one who did not prepare during the summer break. Therefore, preparing a child for school is a program designed to facilitate learning during the school year.

Types of preparation for school

1) Next year’s curriculum from the Ministry of Education

Parents receive a special program report on each subject from the education department or on the official website, and the child prepares for each subject separately at home. This method is not easy, since the student must mainly work independently.

2) Tutoring

This is one of the most common ways, as it frees parents from spending time on educational materials with the child. Boosting success with individual subjects is quite an effective option. The student gains knowledge from those subjects that are more difficult for him. Teachers pay attention to missing knowledge and gaps in information from the previous year. You can also discuss partial learning of the material from the next class with the tutor. In this way, the student draws up knowledge from the previous year and smoothly enters the next year.

3) Specialized courses

The option is somewhat similar to the previous one, but here the teacher no longer comes to the student’s home. But the student himself joins online classes for school preparation or comes to an educational institution. Courses can be from one discipline or complex. You can choose individual subjects. Or ask to analyze the child’s knowledge and only then decide what exactly he needs to work on.

4) Summer camps with subject training

Currently, there are many summer camps where children not only play but also in the form of games gain knowledge that will be needed at school. This method is especially suitable for students of younger grades. Preparing children for school in a summer camp does not burden the child during the holidays and does not make him feel that he is learning even during the rest. The unobtrusive learning process, which the teachers skillfully apply in the camps, rather encourages the child to compete with himself and improve his skills. So as not to stand out from the background of other children. Therefore, such a pastime has a positive effect on the student and imperceptibly prepares him for school.

5) Preparation with the help of videos

Nowadays, there are interesting videos on the Internet, which are taught by teachers with a creative approach to learning. Many children receive useful information and interesting facts from such videos. For a long time, modern teachers have noticed that children listen to interesting facts “on the topic” more carefully than dry information from a textbook. If you present the material without burdening the student with rules or things that need to be remembered, then he will be pleased to listen to the teacher and learn new and interesting things. By watching one video a day, a student gets the necessary school knowledge to prepare for school.

School preparation exercises at home

For future first graders, exercises in writing, reading, and numbers are suitable. These are the simplest exercises and guides which can be found in any bookstore or school and preschool supplies. For half an hour every day, the child will acquire skills that will help him feel like a successful student during the first six months at school. And this, in turn, will encourage me to study successfully and further, as the results will bring pleasure.

All those who do not go to the first grade can use textbooks with ready-made tasks or with concentrated rules and formulas. Such materials are available in print and on the Internet. The information in the manuals looks like a paragraph with a topic in a school textbook. But there is less unnecessary information, only a formula and a method of its application. This is very useful because it does not distract attention with redundant information and a long explanation.

Preparing a student for school in a foreign language

To improve English works best with the method of constant practice at home. It is effective if one of the parents knows the language their child is learning and can communicate with it daily. If not, it will be productive to have recordings of conversations in the language being studied at home. Or movies or cartoons that the child can watch without translation.

Preparation in literary subjects means frequent reading of classics, consideration of various anthologies, and if the child finds it difficult to readPlay and learn! Games for programmers Yes, you can watch movies based on classic works. Many children respond positively to this method of studying literature because in one or two hours you can learn an entire work. While catching the main idea and idea of the work, without allocating half a day for it. Of course, if the task is to find special colloquial turns in the work, then the book should be read in print, and not in the form of video or audio.

IT courses: convenient for parents, exciting for children

All parents want their children to be educated and well-trained. But sometimes parents fail to provide help due to a lack of time or sufficient knowledge in a certain area. Thanks to many programs and exercises for preparing for school, children can easily prepare for the school process at home. And even without the help of adults.

Computer training courses are popular among primary school children. Such training can be obtained thanks to IT courses from the GoMother IT school. We offer the study of programming fundamentals, 3D modeling skills, content creation, and the development of personal qualities of the student, such as analytical thinking and personality development, and much more.

GoMother IT school allows the child to develop the following skills and abilities:

  • Feel confident in lessons and focus on the most important aspects.
  • It is useful and productive to spend time with the gadget.
  • To develop memory, logical thinking, and the ability to concentrate.
  • Get computer skills that will be useful in the future.
  • Be able to understand where the Internet is safe and where it is dangerous.

Dear parents! You choose exactly how the child will prepare for school: independently or with your support. But, if you want to free up your own time, and at the same time give your child the best opportunities – then we invite you to join us in the exciting world of IT!

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