Top 10 myths about programming

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We teach IT from scratch – open the world of programming with us! Our programming courses for kids aim to make programming accessible and fun for beginners. In the world of programming, many myths can scare away beginners. Today we will reveal some of them and show you that programming is fun and not as difficult as it seems.

1. “Programming is a complex business, accessible only to geniuses.”

Programming is a skill that can be learned like any other. Our programming courses for kids are designed with beginners in mind, and we believe that every child can learn to code.

2. “For programming, you need to have a great knowledge of mathematics.”

It does not. Although mathematics can be useful in some aspects of programming, many basic concepts can be understood without a deep knowledge of mathematics. We will teach your child to program using game examples and interesting tasks.

3. “Programming is sitting in front of a computer all day.”

Programming is a creative process that allows you to create something new. It is important to know that programmers have different opportunities, including teamwork, research, and testing new ideas.

4. “Only boys can be programmers.”

This stereotype has long seen its best days. In today’s world of programming, there are no restrictions on the article. In our GoMother programming school for kids, girls and boys have equal opportunities and can develop their programming talents.

5. “Programming is a dry and boring business.”

On the contrary, programming opens up many creative possibilities. Each programmer’s project is an opportunity to create something new, solve an interesting problem or develop an exciting game. In our programming courses for children, we develop creativity and promote the implementation of ideas.

6. “Programming is very expensive.”

There are many free resources, online courses, and open sources that provide access to learning programming for beginners. In our IT school GoMother, we offer affordable courses so that every child has the opportunity to learn programming. Also, in the “Video lessons” section there are free video lessons from which you can start the way of learning coding.

7. “Only computer geniuses can work in the IT industry.”

The IT industry is diverse and welcoming to different talents and skills. Many different roles require different skills. There are many opportunities in the IT industry for everyone, regardless of their level of awareness or innate ability.

8. “Programming is a job for introverts.”

Programming can be a team effort where you communicate with colleagues, share ideas, and work together on projects. In our programming courses for children, we promote the development of communication skills and teach children to work in a team.

9. “Only adults can learn programming.”

This is not the case. Age is not a barrier to learning programming. In our programming courses for children, we adapt the materials to age characteristics and playfully develop programming skills.

10. “Programming is only for those who want to become a programmer.”

Programming skills are useful in many areas of life, regardless of whether you plan to work in IT. Programming develops logical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving skills. Learning to code will help children develop these skills that will serve them well no matter what career they choose.

So, friends, we hope this article has dispelled some programming myths. At GoMother IT school, we strive to make programming accessible and exciting for everyone, even children. Our programming courses for kids will help them learn the basics of programming and develop important skills.

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