Features of Blender 3D

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Online 3D graphics courses give you the opportunity to master the Blender program.

Courses for creating 3D models
Courses for creating 3D models

Blender 3D is a powerful tool for creating 3D models, animations and game projects.

Here are some of the features that Blender provides:

  1. Modeling: Blender allows you to create complex 3D models using a variety of techniques, including sculpting, mesh modeling, and boolean operations.
  2. Texture: Blender has a wide range of tools for applying texture to 3D models, including UV unwrapping and normal mapping.
    Blender allows you to create complex animated scenes using built-in tools such as frame animation, cinematics, and physics simulation.
  3. Rendering: Blender has built-in rendering engines such as Cycles and Eevee that allow you to create high quality images and animations.
  4. Game development: Blender has an integrated game engine that allows you to create 3D games directly in Blender.
  5. Scripting: Blender has a built-in scripting engine that allows you to create your own tools and applications using programming languages such as Python.
  6. Community: Blender has an active and friendly user community, allowing you to get help and advice from other users.

Animation in Blender is perhaps the most interesting section for our students.

Animation lessons in Blender 3D.
Animation lessons in Blender 3D.

The capabilities of this application allow you to create a variety of animation effects that can be used in commercials, games, movies and other multimedia projects.

Some of Blender 3D’s animation features:

  • Keyframes: In Blender 3D, you can set keyframes to control object movement and parameters at any time. This allows you to define the behavior of objects at different stages of animation.
    Frame-by-frame animation: Blender 3D allows you to change the parameters of objects frame-by-frame to ensure smooth movement and behavior of objects in animation.
  • Object Hierarchy: Blender 3D allows you to organize objects in a hierarchical structure, which makes it possible to manage many objects at the same time and provides greater flexibility in managing animation.
  • Controllers: Blender 3D has a controllers feature that allows you to create manipulators to control various parameters of objects. For example, you can create a controller to control the movement of a camera or the movement of objects in a scene.
  • Simulation: Blender 3D has built-in tools for creating physical simulations such as fluid, solids, fabrics, and other materials. This allows you to create more realistic animation effects.


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