Top IT specialties that will be in demand in the near future!

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Programming lessons at our school include the most up-to-date information. After February 24, our country changed, and the demand for various specialties also changed. Based on this, we can name the most popular professions in the future.

Information security specialist

As 2022 has already shown. the number of criminals in the Internet space and hacker attacks is only increasing. But specialists in information security are extremely necessary in any field.

Tasks performed by an information security specialist:

  1. Fights against all types of cyber criminals
  2. Produce systems of means of information protection
  3. Protects not only private information, but also intellectual property.
  4. Monitoring the stability of IT systems

System analyst

The system analyst is engaged in overcoming the consequences of crises in companies.

Here are his main duties:

  • He analyzes and documents the state of the company today.
  • Develops models, algorithms and exit strategies for companies in crisis situations

Developer of mobile applications

This direction unites several IT professions. Such as a designer, programmer and software architect.

Designers are divided into UX and UI designers.

  • UX designers create a general view of the interface that will be transmitted to the user.
  • UI designers create interfaces that will be as convenient as possible for users.

That is, the UI designer creates convenience, the UX designer creates beauty.

Programmers. These can be Python developers, web developers and C# developers, Java developers.

Game developer

The field of game development is also rapidly developing. Therefore, specialists in this field will be in demand. To become a game developer, you need to be interested in programming languages: C#, C++, Python, Java. And also have experience with 3D editors such as Blender.


Also, we cannot ignore DevOps engineers. DevOps includes a set of various practices and tasks to reduce software development time.

So you can choose the IT profession that you like best. Programming lessons at our school will give an impetus to development. Develop and become better with each lesson.

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