Tips for remembering a lot of information in a short time

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Courses for children are a good way to learn something new, to interest a child and show him different professions. And in any course you need to memorize information. To remember a large amount of information, use our tips!

Курси для дітей
Courses for children

1. Change external factors

If you have a large amount of information to digest, you need to divide it into blocks. But study each block separately, while changing the location. For example, the 1st block I teach in the bedroom, the 2nd block I teach in the kitchen, the 3rd block is somewhere else.

2. It is better to understand than to memorize

If you do not understand the material to be memorized, it will be difficult. The best option is to read the material first and understand it. And then with the help of analogies to teach it.

3. Put more emotion into learning

The block of information that you need to study is best endowed with some qualities, emotions. For example, offensive information or joyful information. Define your relationship to the block. If you outline the information in some kind of emotion, then it will be easier for you to reproduce and remember with the help of them.

4. Understand yourself

Try several ways to memorize new information. Analyze which way you remember better and put this method in 1st place. That is, make the most of it.

5. Application of all kinds of memory

In order to better remember the material, you need to connect all types of memory. That is, visual, auditory and mechanical. Don’t just read and repeat the material, but write it down and listen to it.

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6. If you need to memorize information word for word, then you better do the following exercise:

Write down the text you want to remember without the first letters in the words. Set aside a few minutes and come back again. Remembering the first letters, rewrite this text again, such an exercise will help you remember the text faster, word by word.

7. Exercise

In order to better remember any material, you must first make a movement. In order for the blood to circulate better in your body. Oxygenate your brain.

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