How to create a hero for your game? Basic principles

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Game character creation courses allow you to use your imagination and bring your idea to life. In the spaces of various games there are such characters who become extremely popular and conquer the world. Want to create something similar?

Creating a character or game hero is always fun and exciting. So far, this is on the wave of modernity, but such a process takes a rather large amount of time and requires resources.

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Game Character Creation Courses

How to create your own unique game character?

It should be understood that each character needs a unique, identical style. It should resonate with the main idea of the game.

That is, if our game is not fun, dark, then the character must be appropriate. Also, the character must correspond to the locations created in the game. In the course of 3D graphics, you will be able not only to graphically create a hero, but also to animate him.

Basic principles for creating characters for games in accordance with the opinion of professionals:

  1. Try not to be formulaic. A strong hero is an ideal choice, but Gamers quickly get bored with such characters. Constantly demonstrating the benefits of being only evil, or being only good, positive or negative, will wear you out quickly. Qualities, strengths, weaknesses must be balanced. The idea of the game is to go through difficulties using the skills of the protagonist.
  2. This is a biography! Each hero must have his own story. People who play this hero should be interested and understand why he has such strengths or weaknesses of character and quality.
  3. Motivation is the main thing. Each playable character must strive for a specific goal. Many create characters based on the plot, but it is better to do the opposite. So that the plot comes from the main characteristics of the character.
  4. Stylistic relationship. You need to understand that you need to fulfill your character in accordance with the style of the main game. To visually harmonize everything on the screen.
  5. Subtleties. When you are looking for the perfect hero, you need to think through all the subtleties and moments of his history and character.
  6. You also need to consider the world where he lives. If you add subtle extra touches to the main characteristics of this hero, it will make people (participants in the game) more interested in him.

How to draw a game character in accordance with the style and graphic design?

When you create a character in any game, you need to pay attention to the following principles of graphic design:

  • It’s about forms. You need to start searching for your unique character style with simple shapes: triangles, squares, circles. Then it will be possible to think over the modification of such figures. You can generate many variations of interesting ideas with simple elements.
  • Automatic proportions. The design of the game’s hero is important. At the same time, it is equally difficult to create a cartoon character as a humanoid one. Do not go too far with proportions, a sharp change in silhouette will lead to dissonance in a graphical sense.
  • Color spectrum. Colors are an important aspect for the perception of your character. Character creation is a vast dimension of fantasy, with no limits. Various developers design heroes in different colors, from black and white to acid green. Colors can be mixed, but special attention should be paid to their ratio.

So what are the main types of characters in games?

Humanoid. They are drawn based on the basic proportions of a person. There may be deviations in the image, but the silhouette of a person is still observed. This is the most difficult character to play.

Animals. You can create any creature in your opinion, adding more cartoonishness or more humanity.

Mechanical. There are no borders to show transformers. Mechanical heroes, unfortunately, are not suitable for all genres.

Abstract characters. These include living squares, cubes, incomprehensible abstract silhouettes from their mission.

The course of creating games is aimed at using your hero in your unique game. When the created character you can integrate it into the game world through the Unity platform!

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