What is DPA – is it important? What subjects? How is it prepared?

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When children move to the most important years of schooling, parents begin to worry about the approach of exams such as DPA. The Internet is full of information on this topic, and parents’ chats are breaking up due to the heated discussion of future exams. But it should be noted that at the same time, some parents still do not have a clear idea of what DPA is, what is the essence of passing these exams, how do you prepare for them, and how does DPA differ from external examinations?

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Tutor for preparation for the DPA of Akademgorodok

In this article, we will talk about all the necessary details of the DPA topic, which will reassure our readers.

Like students, schoolchildren are periodically tested to obtain knowledge during training. Such tests take place after the fourth, ninth and eleventh grades. If after successfully passing DPA in the fourth grade, the child simply goes to the fifth grade, then after the ninth and eleventh grades, the decision about the place of further education may change due to the results of the exams.

Yes, the results of DPA in the ninth grade affect whether the child will go to the tenth grade, whether he will be able to enter other educational institutions, such as college, lyceum, etc.

After the ninth grade, the child completes three subjects, in which the first is the Ukrainian language, the second is mathematics, and the third is determined annually individually for the class during the pedagogical council.

How are the DPA exams in the ninth grade?

Let’s analyze in more detail how the DPA exams are passed. As a rule, the Ukrainian language is written in the form of a dictation, with a volume of 160-170 words. After the students write the dictation, their knowledge of spelling, grammar, and punctuation is checked. As a rule, it takes about an hour to write a dictation and self-test.

DPA for such a subject as mathematics consists of a number of problems that are divided in a ratio of 1:2 relative to the presence of problems for knowledge of such sections of mathematics as geometry and algebra. Usually, the DPA in mathematics takes 2 hours and 15 minutes, but if students study in a specialized mathematics class, they take this mathematics exam in 3 hours.

The third subject, as we have already said, is chosen each time independently by the school council, the time of its implementation and the specifics of the task depend on the chosen subject.

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exam preparation online

DPA and ZNO, what is the difference?

After the eleventh grade, school graduates complete an External Independent Assessment, based on the results of which they enter a higher education institution. Children take exams once out of three or four (by the student’s choice) subjects. The obtained grades are transferred to a 200-point system for calculating the rating for admission and to a 12-point system to record them as DPA results in the school certificate. Therefore, for school graduates, the subject of external examinations is more relevant, while for ninth-graders it is the subject of DPA.

Preparation for DPA online

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