Is JavaScript important today?

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JavaScript courses for children and why JavaScript is so important today?

изучение JavaScript
learning javascript

Today, among the sections of programming, the JavaScript markup language is gaining popularity. It is with the help of this language that most sites are created. This language plays an important role and is responsible for the work of such site elements as creating forms for filling out information, adding a gallery, sliders, and even provides the ability to correspond with the site administrator. JavaScript courses for children

Also, thanks to JavaScript, you can tell the program, and in our case, the website, how it should respond to the actions that the user performs on the site.

JavaScript is part of web development and one of the fastest growing areas of programming. A web developer works on a host of necessary tasks, such as back-end architecture, page layout, and website optimization. However, in order to have an understanding of this topic, you need to learn from the basics of web development and the basic rules of JavaScript.

If your child is seriously interested in this topic, we advise you to enroll him in JavaScript courses. Professionals in this field will help him join the field of web development and become a professional in his field in the future.

Why should kids learn JavaScript?

To understand the beauty of this programming language, it is worth talking about its main characteristics.

This section of coding appeared in the 90s and immediately gained immense popularity. At that time, the fashion for dynamic websites took off all over the world! At the very beginning, this language was used only to work with web programming, but later it began to be integrated with server-side programming and even robotics. Thus, this markup language has become a multifunctional section of coding.

To date, this is the only language that serves to program browsers. Among its positive aspects is the ability to work on any operating system.

Another of the nice facts is that this language is easy to learn and is suitable as the first programming language that your child will begin to get acquainted with. As we said, it is not complex, although it contains such serious things as algorithms, data structures, and object-oriented programming concepts.

Курсы js для детей
js courses for kids

JavaScript courses for kids

As you already understood, JavaScript is an insanely interesting and useful programming language with which your child can start developing in the IT field. If your child shows interest in the field of information technology, you should help him master it.

Go-mother IT school teachers have developed and recorded video tutorials with detailed explanations and practical tasks for learning JavaScript. Video tutorials are suitable for both beginners and those who have already become familiar with the basic concepts of programming. Programming video courses are a fairly comfortable way to learn programming. However, we advise you to enroll your child in online programming classes, which are taught by our teachers individually or in groups.

IT school Go-Mother conducts classes for children to study many areas of programming, web development and web design. When it comes to JavaScript, our experts provide interactive classes for kids and teens, teaching them the basics of the language.

The teachers of our school analyze all topics with examples, explain to each student everything that is necessary to know in each of them, teach the syntax of the language, and also help develop logical and creative thinking.

We provide students with the opportunity to study online, choosing a convenient time for them. We use each video tutorial to guide the student through the world of modern programming.

With the help of our computer science video lessons, your child will quickly master this area, be able to feel like a young developer and even be able to practice developing their own websites and mobile applications.

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