3D graphics – how to make a layer in blender

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Computer 3D graphics courses are very popular today, because the skills are used in many IT industries.

Today, many computer courses for children provide the opportunity to learn such software for working with computer graphics as Blender. This program provides an opportunity to learn how to work with object models, create graphics and work with design. This program has many interesting features and tools with which you can work with objects. In this article, we will talk about how to make a layer in Blender.

Creating a layer in Blender

In fact, working with Blender is not difficult. One of the chapters in Blender is the creation of spheres.

So, let’s consider the main points related to creating a sphere in Blender. With the help of the “In sphere” function, you can turn an object into a sphere.

3D modeling courses for children
3D modeling courses for children

Instructions for converting an object into a layer

Let’s consider in more detail how to convert an object into a layer.

Select the objects you want to convert and select the “Convert to Sphere” function.

Step-by-step instructions for converting objects:

  1. Open the menu and find the “Polyset” item in it.
  2. After that, you need to select the “Transformation” item or press such a key combination as Shift-Alt-S instead.
    As for the sphericity of the elements, this value can be selected interactively by moving the mouse or by entering a number between 0 and 1.
  3. After completing the previous point, press “Return”.

You can edit the applied function using the F6 key or using the toolbar (T) by changing the position of the “Multiplier” slider.

When working with transformations of objects, the result of the work will depend on such a moment as the set number of polygrid elements such as vertices, other faces.

Creating objects in the Blender program is a very interesting topic to study. We advise you to enroll your child in 3D computer graphics courses. Today, this is a very interesting field in which a child can begin to develop himself from childhood. In the future, if a teenager is impressed by 3D modeling, he will be able to become a professional in this field, which will bring him an impressive income.

3D modeling courses for children

Courses of computer 3D graphics
Courses of computer 3D graphics

Computer graphics in work with Blender is the first thing your child can start with. If you want to help him master this field, enroll him in courses. Our IT school, the Go-Mother school, offers modeling training for children based on the Blender program.

With our help, your child will be able to learn the field of computer design, as well as practice applying the knowledge gained, up to creating their own games. Our teachers will help you at all stages of your education.

Our courses are held online or at locations: Akademgorodok, Zhytomyrskaya. As a platform for busy online, we offer discord or hangouts. We work seven days a week and give our students a choice of convenient time to spend their time busy.

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