Unity + C#: advantages and disadvantages

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Developing programming courses for schoolchildren: game development on the Unity + C# platform

Unity is a cross-platform environment for creating and developing video games and applications developed by Unity Technologies. Developing courses for schoolchildren – Unity + C# courses.

However, you won’t be able to immediately create games in Unity – before you start creating, you need to learn the C# programming language.

C# is a multifunctional programming language that is actively developing at the moment. It is often used as the first programming language for novice programmers, as well as for the implementation of large commercial projects. Our iT school Go-mother offers Unity courses, but for now let’s talk more about C#.

History of C# creation

C# was created based on the Java programming language by Microsoft in 2000. It was supposed to be an analogue of Java, therefore it had similar concepts of a virtual machine (.NET environment) and byte code (MSIL). The difference was easier interoperability compared to languages ​​for C #, well suited for the creation of large projects. Microsoft currently recognizes C# as its flagship language due to the fact that it makes the most of .NET. Other programming languages ​​have some gaps in using .NET, but are also supported.


  • Object-oriented approach in everything. This means that it is necessary to implement the interaction between the described abstract constructs and the subject area. This approach is quite popular, because with it you can not remember all the information, but get the code by entering the incoming information.
  • You can use a ready-made construct instead of writing lengthy code by hand. Although some of these designs are not optimal in terms of performance, however, this is covered by the high development speed and convenient code readability.
  • The presence of a large number of libraries and templates, you can not invent your own, but use already given designs.
  • There are also good development tools.
  • Learned under Unity in our C# courses.

C# is about universality. This programming language allows the implementation of projects for any platform. The only problem is that they may be slower than those specifically designed for a specific platform.

Main disadvantages

  1. C# is a property of Microsoft, so it is tied specifically to Windows.
  2. Seems easy to learn, but has a lot of hidden features.

It should be remembered that this language is powerful, so it will take a lot of time to learn all the subtleties and details, but this is possible for anyone interested in this person, and our online Unity courses can especially help.

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