How to master frontend development in 2022?

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Web Developer Courses: How to Master Frontend Development in 2022?

If you want to become a frontend developer, you need to know where to start and what to learn next. We offer our web developer courses to start from scratch. In the meantime, let’s imagine what you need to know and what to own each frontend-developer.


To begin, you need to know the Internet minimum. Do you know what a server is? Who is the client and how does the database work? After answering these questions, you can move on to programming itself.

Programming languages

To work with the frontend and fulfill the wishes of the client will need professional skills in:

  • HTML;
  • CSS;
  • Sass;
  • LeSS;
  • JavaScript;
  • TypeScript.


Web frameworks are software platforms that create the structure of a software system. They are designed to facilitate the creation and support of complex technical projects.

Here are the basic CSS and JavaScript frameworks to learn:

CSS frameworks:

  • Bookstap;
  • Uikit;
  • Foundation;
  • Semantic UI;
  • Specter.

JavaScript frameworks:

  • Angular;
  • React;
  • Vue.js
  • Meteor
  • Node.js

Version control system

The version control system is a software tool that allows the developer to report on and manage changes made to the code over time. It also helps speed up project collaboration, reduces the likelihood of errors, and recovers code in the event of a malfunction. Below are the most famous of them:

  • GitHub;
  • GitLab;
  • AWS CodeCommit;
  • Beanstalk;
  • Apache Subversion.


This is an approach that combines different widgets or pages written by different teams with different frameworks in one application. The ability to work with the microfrontend will be very helpful when working with the frontend. This can also be learned in our frontend and web development courses.

Web security and communication protocols

When working on the Internet, you should understand that security issues can occur, so it is important to know the security protocols. The main ones are:

  • IPsec – Internet Protocol Security;
  • IKE – Internet Key Exchange;
  • SSH – Secure Shell;
  • SSL – Secure Socket Layer;
  • HTTPS – Secure Embedded Web Server;
  • RADIUS – Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service;
  • TLS – Transport Layer Security;
  • SET – Secure Electronic Transaction;
  • PEM – Privacy Enhanced Mail

Static Site Generator (SSG)

You can convert text records into static HTML pages with SSG, make them more flexible and reliable, and have increased security.

  • Next.js;
  • Gatsby;
  • Hugo;
  • GitBook;
  • Jekyll;
  • Eleventy;
  • Nuxt.

Progressive Web Applications (PWA)

PWA knowledge is used to develop the most functional web applications. What is it? Progressive web applications are web applications that are produced and improved thanks to the APIs of modern web browsers.

Adaptive web design

To make an application or web application more user-friendly, you need to make it so that the layout and appearance of web pages change depending on the width of the screen. This will allow users of different devices to use the application equally comfortably, as well as improve search engine rankings.

Package Manager

A good developer needs to know how to work with a tool to automate the process of downloading, configuring, and managing product and software packages. Below are the main tools of the package manager:

  1. NPM;
  2. Yarn;
  3. Bower;
  4. JSPM.

Over time, changes come, a lot of new things appear, so you need to learn constantly. Our web development courses will help you become a professional developer.

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