What games will help you learn programming?

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IT for teenagers. Today, more and more parents prefer to provide their child with learning in a game format. This is the best form of information perception, which is known in the GoMother IT school. Hurry up to read, you are waiting for the top three fascinating articles.

Code Hunt: Programming Lessons for Kids

Code Hunt is a great game for those who want to learn how to code or use their skills in languages ​​like Java or C#. The game is suitable for both beginners and users already familiar with programming. From the very beginning of the game in Code Hunt, you are given a choice of puzzles, the completion of which is not difficult. Further, with the opening of new tours, difficult tasks begin.

Games are a good time to spend if it benefits the child and makes them think. If a child does not want to think in games, but programming and creating games fascinates him. Then direct his passion in the right direction, which in the future will provide your child with a good and highly demanded job. For this, a programming school for children online is perfect.


A resource for learning and practicing the Python programming language. Absolutely any user can register on the site and start learning or, already knowing the language, polish their skills.
In the form of a game, the child will learn the Python programming language. In the description of the problem itself, there is reference data, after reading which the child will be able to understand how to solve the problem.
Our school provides a wide range of programming language courses. Including Python, in the classroom we give only practical material in the course of our own projects. In this way, the student will not only learn how to write code, but also create a couple of their own games.

CodinGame: IT for teenagers

Game platform for programming. Control the game scenario with code. Large selection of languages for learning in the form of a game. With the help of writing code and creating their own “artificial intelligence” the child will have to solve a wide variety of fun problems. Develops logical thinking and the ability to find solutions to problems.

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