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Python training. Today, IT people use dozens of programming languages, and everyone equally says that their “favorite” is the best in the business. But if everything is clear with experienced programmers, then what should beginners do? GoMother will help you choose the right language – take the new test soon!

This test can be taken not only by our students, but also by their mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, friends and many others. It takes a couple of minutes of time, and the result can be determined instantly!

What do you do? (if several options are suitable, choose the one that appeared earlier. For example, working students study at a university).

A) I go to school.

b) I study at the university.

B) I work.

D) I don’t do anything.

Do you want IT to become your main occupation, or to facilitate the routine: quickly calculate something, analyze it?

a) I want to become a programmer

B) The language is needed to solve applied problems

c) I like to try new things!

D) I want to be a programmer and make my routine easier at the same time!

Which description of the working day is closer to you?

A) I sit in business clothes in the office, come there exactly at 9 am, perform my tasks strictly according to the recommendations and get a good salary.

B) There are a lot of different devices on the table around me: quadrocopters, cameras, robots, somewhere in the corner you can even find a soldering iron. On a black screen, green text, like in movies about hackers. I need to figure out how to fit a drone pizza delivery code into 64 kilobytes.

C) I have a place in the open space, but today I decided to work on the couch with a laptop in the rest room. Be sure to read at lunch what’s new in my field and adapt the code to the new version of the platform to match the trends

D) I sit at home at my computer and do not go to the office. I start when I want, I finish too. I’ll go to the kitchen, make myself a sandwich, and then I’ll start working.

What area are you more interested in?

A) Web: sites and Internet services.

B) Mobile applications: for phones, tablets.

C) Desktop applications: under Windows, macOS or Linux.

D) No matter what area, the main thing is more money.

How are you with English?

A) I would rather have materials in Russian.

B) I read technical literature without any problems and follow the news in the IT field.

C) The translator is our everything!

D) It’s OK! It’s all that I know!

Decryption in python courses

Now you should count which answers came out more:

A) Python

B) C++;

B) JavaScript

D) Java.

Where can I find quality training in python and other programming languages?

If the number of some options is the same – both programming languages suit your needs well! Teach both that, and that, you will be able to take the best from each. And how to do it – we will tell you in our online programming courses! Bring your students, we promise to have fun!

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