Python sort methods

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Python for kids. Sorting is the very skill that absolutely every IT specialist should own. Not only to get a job, but also to understand the field of activity in general. Different sorting methods clearly show how internal logic can affect the complexity, speed and performance of the program. Today we will talk more about her methods.

Quick sort in python for kids

Quicksort is one of the best ways. It uses a divide-conquer approach to split an array into sub-arrays, which are called recursively to arrange elements.

To perform this method, you need to select a pivot point, then divide the array into two sub-arrays according to the pivot point, and then position them if they are greater than/less than the pivot point. At the end, we sort the two subarrays and repeat the process again.

Shell sort

Shell sort is a type of insertion sort. Using this algorithm, the array is sorted at the specified interval based on the selected order. The spacing between elements gradually decreases depending on the sequence used. The performance of a wrapper sort depends on the type of sequence used for a given input array.

Insertion sort

Insertion sort is a brute-force sorting algorithm that performs fewer comparisons than selection sort.

Insertion sort works by selecting an element and comparing adjacent elements in the array to determine the position where the first element is less than and the second is greater than the selected one. However, as the number of sorted items increases, the algorithm compares the new items with those already sorted and inserts the new item at the desired position in the list.

Selective sorting, python programming for kids

Selective sort, or selection sort, is an improved version of the bubble sort (which GoMother talked about earlier) that improves efficiency. Even if they are equally efficient, selective sorting makes fewer substitutions.

Selection sort works in one of two ways: it tries to find the smallest element in the list and moves it to the front, or it looks for the largest element and moves it to the end of the list.

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