How did the programmers celebrate the New Year?

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Programming lessons for children. Why do some programmers walk around a bit about those who stink – boring lads and can’t have fun in the soul. But people forget that creativity is not just a boundary, but part of the life of a skin programmer. Becomes navit tsikavo: how did the representatives of the information sphere call the saint? Today, GoMother is aware of the dependence and rozpovist about those, like traditions, among IT specialists in the enchanting time of rock.

Hot deadlines are posted every hour. Programming lessons for kids

One of the most important traditions of programmers is not to carry old debts with you on New Year’s Eve. If the project is to be completed by the end of 2021, the deadline must be met. Then the celebration will be much more pleasant and longer, and the sense of duty will not come right while eating your favorite Olivier.

Be sure to decorate the office Christmas tree. Programming lessons for children

The decorations of IT specialists are somewhat different from the usual Christmas trees and rains. Creative people – interesting solutions! Everything is in progress: from cables to monitors. Just look at these ingenious engineering inventions:

Уроки програмування для дітей

Уроки програмування для дітей

Уроки програмування для дітей

Make gifts for your loved ones. We teach the basics of programming for children

Maybe not all, but many IT professionals at least once in their lives resorted to the idea of giving relatives something made by their work. Yes, designers can give you an interesting sweatshirt with an unusual print, and website developers – to make a personal page about you or the upcoming holiday. Game developers will make you the protagonist of their work and create the best graphical interface. However, experience shows that the longer a programmer stays in the field, the higher the chance that he will choose to buy a gift instead of making it himself.

Make a cherished wish for the chimes: programming lessons for children

Like all other people, IT people are dreamers. They want to be not only popular professionals and cool in their craft, but also just loved ones who are always looked forward to at home. And of course, where without professional desires: more interesting projects and less “stuffy” clients (unfortunately, in any field there are).

You don’t have to score high in math to become a programmer. It’s easy enough to decide on the vector of development and come to GoMother: here they will help, teach and guide you on the right path.

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