3DS Max vs Blender

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Computer graphics courses – the differences between 3DS Max and Blender

At children’s computer courses in our school students create 3D games. We also offer in computer graphics course to create graphic resources that will fill your game world, we offer a choice of two programs 3DS Max and Blender. And yet, based on experience, decided to use Blender.

A little about each of these programs:

  • 3D Studio Max is a professional and popular 3D graphics program for creating models, animations, images for games and more. Also this app is well suited for interior designers.
  • Blender is open source. It is a professional tool for creating 3D computer graphics. This tool is used by our students to create 3D models, visual 3D effects.

Computer graphics courses characterize the possibilities:

  • 3D max features include shaders, particle systems, dynamic modeling, radiation, rendering and map making, global lighting, new icons, user interface, and scripting language.
  • Blender capabilities include rigging, UV deployment, 3D modeling, texturing, skinning, raster graphics editing, fluid and smoke based modeling, soft body modeling, particle modeling, animation, modeling, matching motion, animation. camera tracking, video editing, motion chart and compositing.

Differences between 3DS Max and Blender.

Price (3DS Max – paid subscription, Blender – free open code)


  • 3DS Max is a good tool for static work. 3ds Max is good for creating a variety of detailed animations with a large set of tools.
  • Blender gives you more possibilities to work with geometry and animation – much more functions.Blender is the fastest growing versatile. Every feature is thought through to the details. Constantly updated, added new tools.

Conclusion – 3DS Max vs Blender

Each tool has its own features and unique set of characteristics. We have already made sure that not always a corporate tool will be better than its free counterpart. In this case, the more convenient tool for our purposes was Blender.

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