Important Applications of Python

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Little information about Python.

This programming language appeared in 1991. Every year strengthens its strength in the market. All this thanks to constant updates.

To date, the language is in the top three most popular languages in the world. Why? Here are a few advantages:

  1. The language is most convenient in terms of syntax. Python does not have many characters. Instead of either colon or indentation of one length. This approach greatly simplifies not only writing code, but also its support, not to mention reading someone else’s code.
  2. The language is universal. Making a website is simple. Making a PC program is simple. Writing neural networks, machine learning, data parsing, bots, or even small games is simple. Such an extensive selection is available at the expense of third-party libraries and frameworks, which in the language are an unread amount.
  3. Python is easier to write code. Many actions in Python can take a few lines of code.

Python Application

The most commonly used language is in the following areas:

  • web development,
  • data handling,
  • Machine learning and neural networks,
  • writing scripts for different systems.

Web development

More recently, Python frameworks such as Django and Flask have become very popular in web development. This is the code that runs on the server, not on users’ devices and browsers.

Data Science: Machine Learning, Data Analysis and Visualization

Some algorithm is implemented that allows you to automatically detect a familiar pattern among the input data. There are different libraries and frameworks for machine learning on Python. The two most popular are scikit-learn and TensorFlow.

Data analysis and visualization

One of the most popular visualization libraries is Mathplotlib.

Process automation

One of the most popular applications of Python is to write small scripts to automate various workflows and processes.

Python has virtually no limits on its uses, allowing it to be used in projects of enormous scale.

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