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Solfeggio tutor: discovering the world of music

Solfeggio is a discipline that develops the ability to hear and listen to music, as well as to create a musical text accurately, expressively, and consciously in terms of intonation and rhythm. At the GoMother school, we understand the importance of this discipline for the full development of each student’s musical skills. The essence of the subject “Solfeggio” consists not only in teaching students to reproduce the educational material but also in stimulating their active study of the musical language through the development of creative potential, musicality, and giftedness. It is believed that direct involvement in creative activities is a universal means of personal development for students. Thus, one of the main tasks of the subject “Solfeggio” is the formation of Homo musicalis – a person who makes music.

Development of musical hearing and musical memory

Solfeggio is aimed at developing a musical ear, which allows you to perceive and understand music without directly listening to it. A well-developed musical ear is a key element for every musician, and solfeggio helps to strengthen this skill.

Solfeggio tutor: elements of solfeggio

Solfeggio includes such elements as:

  1. Solfeggio: singing by notes with the pronunciation of the name of each sound. This helps students learn to express musical ideas correctly and understand their structure.
  2. Aural analysis of music and its recording: students learn to recognize intonations, rhythms, chords and other elements of musical compositions, which develops their musical ear and analytical skills.
  3. Musical dictation: students learn to write down musical phrases by ear, which develops their musical memory and ability to analyze musical structures.
    Connection of theory and practice

Solfeggio contributes to the connection of music theory with musical practice. It helps students understand musical concepts and apply them in practical performance. A Solfeggio tutor at GoMother will help you understand this connection and use it to improve your musical performance.

Choice of training format

At the GoMother school, you have the opportunity to choose the learning format that suits you best. We offer individual and group lessons with a tutor, as well as the opportunity to study online or offline at our school at the address of Kyiv, st. Ushakova 1b.

The main goal of the solfeggio tutor at GoMother school is to help you discover your talent in music. Sign up for a free consultation or trial session by leaving your phone number. Let’s discover the limitless world of music together!