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Java developer can create almost everything: applications for desktop operating systems Windows, Linux, Mac OS, mobile applications under Android, sites. Even the server part of Google is written by Java.

Java programming courses for children involves learning Java from scratch and creating complex and real projects.

Java programming courses for children are based on the actual program. Our course program includes a number of topics of varying complexity and many additional tasks on each topic for better assimilation and consolidation of the material. Java language learning program is developed in the form of «simple to complex». Students easily learn the basics of programming, learn to write code, develop the ability to logic, independent thinking. The program provides many interesting practical tasks.

Students will receive knowledge and practice to solve complex problems. Students will learn a wide range of skills: algorithms and collectors, PLO, patterns, environment management, libraries, and more. The training takes place on Java 8. Thanks to the course, teenagers expand their inerts, opportunities and prospects in the future. Open up approaches that will allow you to write clean code faster

Java programming program for children online:

  1. Java programming language
  2. Java Fundamentals
  3. Classes. Object-oriented programming
  4. Exception processing
  5. Collection
  6. I-Output Streams. Working with Files
  7. Line manipulation
  8. Lambda terms
  9. Multithreaded programming
  10. Stream API
  11. Modularity
  12. Remedial classes

The result of the Java programming course for children online:

On the course students from scratch learn the programming language Java and will create a computer game, which is very interesting for children and teenagers! Learn the rules of creating an application in Java and the structure of such an application. Learn to work with variables and basic algorithmic constructions. Get acquainted with the basics of object-oriented programming.

Courses are held online 

For online lessons, a student-friendly program is used. We offer hangouts and discord or leave the choice to the student. The schedule is also chosen according to the student’s convenience. The school is open seven days a week. So it is easy to choose a convenient time and visit.


  • Конкурсна робота "Різдвяний настрій" Java

    Competition work “Christmas Mood” Java

    Danylo took first place in the annual IT competition. Danylo has developed an application that will fully help create a New Year’s mood. In this application, you can choose a funny movie through the filter and watch its trailer. There is also a count of days until the holiday on the screen. Very interesting and functional work.

    Author: Шкурко Данило

    Age: 14

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  • Конкурсна робота на Java

    ompetition work “Christmas Mood”

    Oleksandr took 2nd place in the annual IT competition for students of our school. I independently developed an application for searching New Year’s songs. New Year’s mood always needs musical accompaniment.

    Author: Пушняк Александр

    Age: 11

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