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Discover your child’s talent in the media space right now: register him for a 5-day marathon!

Looking for a way to boost your child’s creativity and give them the opportunity to express themselves in the digital world? Then the 5-day blogging marathon is just for you! This is a great opportunity to learn the basics of running your own blog and develop video editing skills to create interesting and engaging content for your audience. Blogging is no longer a profession of the future, it is a profession of the present. The marathon consists of two-hour lessons from Monday to Friday. Starts every Monday. Classes are held individually, in duets, or in a group of 4 people.

What will your child learn at this blogging marathon?

  • Get acquainted with different areas of blogging and create your own channel

During the lessons, the child will get acquainted with different areas of blogging and choose a topic for the channel. Create and design your own channel according to the teacher’s recommendations in order to stand out among other YouTube channels.

  • Masters promotion techniques

At the marathon, all participants will consider possible promotion techniques. They will also try from their own experience how they work and what results they bring.

  • Learn video shooting and editing skills

During this marathon, your child will have the opportunity to master the skills of shooting various videos. As well as video editing in the Sony Vegas program. He will learn how to process video footage and create interesting transitions. And effects to make videos vibrant and interesting for viewers.

The marathon will help the child understand whether he likes this field of activity and whether he wants to develop his skills in this direction. He will also get a lot of pleasure from the interactive form of learning and the opportunity to realize his creative ideas together with like-minded people.

Results and prospects

After completing the marathon, your child will have the opportunity to demonstrate their achievements in video editing and maintaining their own blog. He will be able to confidently choose the direction of development in this interesting field and acquire new skills that will help him in the future to prove himself in the information. And creative environment. The marathon was created to provide knowledge and motivation so that after finishing the marathon the child can develop himself in the field of blogging.

Sign your child up for a blogging marathon today and let him unleash his creative potential in the world of digital communication and media!