Mathematics in art: from geometry to music

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Geometry and music, it would seem at first glance, belong to different fields of knowledge, but they have a lot in common, especially when it comes to the display of harmony and beauty. Here are some ways geometry relates to music:

1. Frequency and wavelength:

The sound waves that make music have a specific frequency and length. These parameters can be represented geometrically, for example by creating graphs that show sound waves as sinusoidal curves. This geometric representation allows us to better understand how sound waves form music.

2. Mathematical relations in music:

The harmony between notes and chords can be described using mathematical relationships. For example, the different intervals between notes, such as octaves, fourths, and fifths, are based on proportions that can be expressed as numerical ratios. These mathematical relationships create harmony and relationships between musical elements.

3. Musical patterns and algorithms:

Some musical patterns and structures can be described using geometric shapes or algorithms. For example, rhythmic patterns or musical forms may have geometric analogies that aid in their analysis and understanding.

4. Musical instruments and their construction:

Many musical instruments are based on geometric principles in their design. For example, stringed instruments have a certain length and shape, which affects their sound. The use of geometry helps create instruments with optimal sound and acoustic characteristics.


Hence, geometry and music are interconnected through various aspects, ranging from the physical characteristics of sound to the structure of musical compositions and instruments. This interaction allows us to better understand the nature of music and its aesthetic aspects through mathematical concepts and geometric principles. And if you’re still stuck with math, a math tutor will help you understand the basic principles. And concepts that underlie the arts and sciences.

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