Current programming languages in 2024

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Choosing a programming language for beginners in modern realities is not an easy task. There are many programming languages worldwide, among which there are hundreds of more or less well-known ones. Creating a new programming language is not difficult, but developing a quality language is important. Therefore, there are a limited number of popular languages among them. The question is which programming language is best to start with, which languages are relevant in the modern market, and also where you can find high-quality online programming courses.

Here is a list of the ten most popular programming languages, divided into two parts. In programming, some languages are always known and popular – they are used in real projects, so they are in demand. Then some languages are considered trendy and innovative but do not always achieve the same success. Many developers work in regular languages to make money while learning new ones to expand their horizons. This approach seems to be the most correct.

Choosing a programming language


This is a web programming language that has been in consistently high demand since the 2010s, remaining the leader in terms of code volume on GitHub. It is practically a standard in its field. Even if you are not an expert in JavaScript and only use it occasionally, you should still become familiar with the basics and how it works.


Python, although it was created before JavaScript, remained in the shadows for a long time. However, it has recently gained significant popularity, especially among beginners, as many Western universities have included it in their curriculum. Python is widely used in various industries, including backend development, and can be a great choice for beginners.


Java is recognized as one of the most innovative programming languages of the 1990s. It had a major impact on the industry and remains popular to this day. Java has a large code base and high demand in the job market. This is an excellent choice for those looking for a stable job in this field.


C# is a modern programming language created in the early 2000s. It is based on ideas from Java but has a more simplified and expressive syntax. C# is popular in both business and game development, thanks to Microsoft’s efforts to make it elegant and versatile.


SQL, although not a programming language, is necessary for working with databases. Learning SQL is important for all developers. Even if you work with other programming languages, knowing SQL will allow you to work effectively with databases, an important skill for many developers.



This language is rapidly gaining popularity, the idea of which is to replace C and C++, which are widely used in low-level software development. At this point, Rust is distinguished by its ability to write fast code that can withstand significant loads.


While TypeScript is not a standalone programming language, it is a JavaScript add-on that adds static typing and other cool features that extend JavaScript, such as interfaces and operators.


Modern developers are paying attention to a variety of functional languages that have the potential to become more popular in the future. Elixir is one of these languages. It would help if you tried experimenting with it, as well as other functional languages such as Haskell and F#.


Kotlin is a programming language that is already actively competing with Java. It has a clean syntax and modern features, making it attractive to developers.

Choosing a programming language: WHAT IS THE MOST POPULAR?

Java and JavaScript remain mainstream in the programming world. By choosing them to study, you are sure to grow in a large community with a wide demand for these languages.


The complexity of a programming language depends on the area of development and the approach to it. It is important to understand that learning algorithms and data structures are not language-specific. Functional languages like Elixir or Scala can be difficult to learn for beginners.


An experienced developer usually speaks several languages and periodically moves between them. The T-shaped person principle (a concept that describes a person with a combined set of skills and knowledge) encourages professionals to choose the direction in which they become specialists, as well as expand their knowledge in other areas.

Which programming languages are the most versatile?

JavaScript and Python are very versatile languages that are used in various fields. However, it is important to understand that each language has its characteristics and is suitable for specific tasks.

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