How to choose a programming language for a child to learn

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Programming for a child to learn is like opening a new world of possibilities and creativity. However, before starting this exciting journey, it is important to choose a programming language that will be most suitable for your child. In this article, we’ll take a look at some popular programming languages and tips on choosing them.


Python is one of the most accessible and easy-to-learn programming languages. It has a simple syntax that helps to quickly learn the basics of programming. Python is great for beginners and can be used for website development, game development, scientific research, and more.


Java is another popular programming language used in many areas of technology. It allows you to create a variety of applications, from mobile games to corporate applications. Although Java’s syntax is a little more complex than Python, it can be a great choice for kids who have more programming experience and want to deepen their knowledge.


UNITY is a game engine that uses its programming language, namely C#. UNITY is great for creating your own games and virtual environments. For kids who are interested in developing their games, learning C# in the context of UNITY can be interesting and even motivating.


Scratch is a programming language aimed specifically at children. It uses blocks of code that can be dragged and connected to create applications and games. Scratch helps children learn logical thinking and problem-solving without immersing them in the details of syntax.


HTML and CSS are markup and styling languages for web pages. They are the foundation of web development and learning them can be useful for children who are interested in creating their own websites and web applications. Learning HTML/CSS can be fun and play-like because kids can quickly see the results of their work.


JavaScript is a programming language used to create interactive websites and applications. It helps to make web pages dynamic. JavaScript can be an interesting choice for kids who want to develop their skills in web development and game creation.

Programming for a child to learn: tips

  1. Take the child’s interests into account: choose a programming language that matches their interests. For example, if they are into games, then UNITY or Scratch might be good choices.
  2. Carefully assess the level of difficulty: Consider your child’s level of programming experience and choose a language that suits their needs and abilities.
  3. Allow experimenting: Let your child try different programming languages and choose the one they like best.
  4. Quality classes: choose qualified teachers who will convey new information in simple language.

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