How to prepare for NMT 2024 in English

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The National Multi-Subject Test (NMT) 2024 covers English language tasks that assess participants’ knowledge in the following areas:

  • Listening comprehension;
  • Reading;
  • Letter;
  • Grammar and vocabulary.

To successfully pass the NMT in English, it is important to have solid basic knowledge in all these areas. If you are not confident in your knowledge, you should start preparing as early as possible.

Here are some practical tips to help you prepare for the NMT in English:

Check out the NMT program

The NMT program is available on the website of the Ukrainian Center for Education Quality Assessment. After familiarizing yourself with the program, you can understand which topics and aspects of the English language will be assessed during testing.

Check out the practice test

A practice test will help you assess your level of knowledge and identify gaps. Trial tests are available on the website of the Ukrainian Center for Educational Quality Assessment and other resources.

Develop your listening comprehension skills

To do this, you can listen to audiobooks, watch movies and TV series without subtitles, and also complete listening comprehension tasks in practice tests.

Read English texts on various topics

Reading helps develop reading and comprehension skills and improves vocabulary. You can read books, articles, news, and other English-language literature.

Work on writing English texts

To do this, you can complete writing tasks in practice tests, as well as write your texts on various topics.

Complete grammar and vocabulary tasks

To do this, you can use English textbooks, or online resources, or contact an English tutor. An English tutor can help you prepare for NMT. A tutor will help you identify gaps in your knowledge, develop a personalized training plan, and track your progress.

The tutoring center of the GoMother school offers preparation courses for NMT in English for school graduates. The courses are taught by experienced teachers who have experience in preparing for ZNO and NMT. The courses include preparation on all topics of the NMT program, as well as practice in completing tasks in test format.

If you want to prepare for the NMT in English with a high score, the GoMother school tutoring center is the best choice for you!

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